Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Triple Intent by Kristian Parker

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Triple Intent
By Kristian Parker

Triple Intent Cover

Village Affairs, Book 3

When a billionaire and his assistant bring change to the village, Michael has to adapt…

The future’s uncertain for Michael Fleming. He came to the sleepy Yorkshire village of Napthwaite a year ago as Thorpe Hall’s gardener, but now the Hall’s been sold…to billionaire hotelier Darryl Burlington.

When self-made Darryl and his handsome French assistant, François Vernier, come to set up the new property acquisition, they plan to find a willing third party to share their bed. Darryl and François aren’t together, but they like to celebrate success. But instead of indulging themselves in a treat after their hard work, they trigger events which no one could have foreseen.

This chain reaction Darryl, François and Michael leads to big changes in Napthwaite—and in all three men’s lives…

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If his parents could see him now, he didn’t know if they would be impressed or disgusted. Probably a mix of the two. He hadn’t spoken to them in ten years so who knew?

The suite had everything he and Darryl could want. A private pool, butler—who Darryl had magnanimously given the day off—and wraparound views. His mind rested on the Christmas Days he’d had as a kid. His grandparents coming to see his new toys and playing simple games before joining the rest of the village for carols.

A tear escaped his eye which he hastily wiped away. No use dwelling on the past.

Draining the glass, he wandered over to the wine cooler and grabbed another bottle. There was always another when he travelled with Darryl Burlington.

He made his way over to the bedroom, to be greeted by the sight of Ezio riding Darryl’s cock hard. His lithe furry body bucked in time to Darryl’s grunting. François popped the cork loudly and they both stopped.

“I thought you might need some refreshment.”

Ezio climbed off Darryl, pulling the condom off him and throwing it in the bin. “Sounds good to me,” he replied.

Darryl hadn’t left the bed yet. Why would he? Everything had been brought to him.

François poured the champagne and handed a long-stemmed crystal flute to each of the sweating men.

“What time did you say you were working, Ezio?”

Sipping his drink, the gorgeous man glanced at his watch.

“Oh shit,” he exclaimed. He slammed the glass down on the bedside table. “Can I have another shower?”

“Sure,” Darryl said.

Ezio brushed past François and out of the room.

“He can go on forever,” Darryl grinned.

“You weren’t doing so bad yourself,” François replied.

At forty-two years old, Darryl Burlington was still in his prime. Sweat beaded on his dark brown skin as he took a swig of his drink. “I’m starving,” he announced. “Get rid of him and we can go for dinner?”

François tried not to pout. “I thought we could order up and watch a movie.”

Darryl shook his head. “Nah, that’ll be boring. Let’s see if there’s any life going on out there. Maybe find us one last Christmas treat?” He winked at François.

“You’re on heat,” he said.

“It’s Christmas Day.” Darryl laughed. “What are we doing tomorrow?”

François walked over to the window. “George is taking us to the site in the morning. Then our flight is at two.”

“Perfect. I might have a quick nap. Build my strength up.”

Darryl snuggled down under the sheets. François drained his glass and walked out to the living area where Ezio had thrown on a pair of jeans.

“Do you know what happened to my T-shirt?” he said.

François took him in. Another exceptionally handsome man to add to their collection. He couldn’t say he hadn’t enjoyed being fucked all ways by him. But he joined a very long line. Darryl was a hunter and soon lost interest when the quarry was captured.

François dug behind one of the sofa cushions and found a grey T-shirt. He threw it across to the gorgeous man.

“Thanks,” Ezio said with a wink. “I had a really great time.”

“Yeah, me too,” François said.

He always had to the get rid of them. No matter how many people they invited to the room, François assumed the role of doorman. They would always want more, and he would have to let them down gently. Darryl probably didn’t even know this dance was done after he’d had his pleasure.

“Do you want to tell your face that?” Ezio said.


“It’s Christmas Day, François. You look as though you’re going to the dentist.”

François smiled. “Sorry. Been working hard lately.”

Pulling the shirt over his head, Ezio came over and wrapped his arms around François’ waist. He ignored the instinct to push him away.

“Now you’ve played hard. It’s the best medicine.” Ezio kissed him. “Should I say goodbye to Darryl?”

François shook his head. “Best not. He’s getting some shut-eye before we get to do it all again.”

“Call in at the bar?” Ezio asked hopefully.

François nodded vaguely. Darryl didn’t believe in lightning striking twice, so they wouldn’t be going in that bar again.

“Sure. Now go to work,” he said. He extracted himself from Ezio’s arms and walked over to the hallway. “I’m going to finish that bottle and find a trashy Christmas movie to watch.”

But Ezio didn’t move. “Why don’t you just be with him?”

François stopped in his tracks. “I’m sorry?”

“Darryl. It’s obvious you’re in love with him.”

Tension ran through François’ body. Ezio wasn’t the first to say this, but the question always made him defensive. It must be crystal clear for people on the outside. “It’s not that like that. Darryl and I are complicated.”

Ezio made a face. “I can’t see how. When I’ve gone, go in there and fuck his brains out. Then tell him you love him.”

François dashed over to the open bedroom door. The room lay in darkness, but surely Darryl couldn’t have dropped off that quickly. He did not want him overhearing this stranger dissecting a relationship they had never bothered to define in eight years. He gently shut the door.

“Firstly, we only play with others. Secondly, I’m not in love with anyone, thank you. Thirdly, if I were I wouldn’t be discussing it with a stranger. Got that?”

Realising he would have to be way more forthright, he marched over to the main door. Opening it with purpose, he wanted to make it perfectly clear this experience had come to an end. But Ezio wasn’t so easily put off. He stopped by François, his face so close that François could smell the stale alcohol on him.

“Will you return to Kefalonia?”

“Probably,” François said. “We’re thinking of buying a place in the south. I will come for the opening.”

“Then get in touch.”

“Darryl probably won’t come. He doesn’t bother these days.”

“I don’t care. I’d like to see you again.”

This man had outstayed his welcome. His overconfident manner grated on François. “Sure, whatever. Find me on Insta. François Vernier.”

Ezio nodded and kissed him before leaving the suite. François shut the door behind him. He did not need to be psychoanalysed by a one-night stand on Christmas Day. When did meaningless sex become such hard work?

Resisting the temptation to crawl in beside Darryl, he sat down on the couch and poured himself another glass of champagne. He didn’t blame Ezio for being envious that he lived the high life in suites like this, but he wouldn’t let some scheming barman overstep the mark. He had spent the last few years being everything Darryl needed. He knew what he wanted before Darryl did. Darryl often joked that he was more of a husband than an assistant. At night when he was alone in bed, François would think about what it would be like if they were real partners.

We could rule the world.

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Catch up on the Village Affairs series with Book 1:

The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three Cover

Village Affairs, Book 1

When a handsome stranger arrives, James and Ed have to make a choice that will change their lives.

James Durkin is happy. He’s landlord of the pub, chair of the parish council and secret lover of his best friend, Ed Cropper. But Ed, tired of living in the shadows, dreams of living openly, something James can’t contemplate.

Then there’s Arthur Whittaker. When the handsome young primary school teacher comes to live in the village, he signals a future that neither James nor Ed ever saw for themselves.

But the small Yorkshire village of Napthwaite is a place that’s resistant to change, meaning the three men must be strong enough to forge their own path…

Will they overcome the odds—and tradition—to find the love they crave, or will their brave new world crumble to nothing under the pressure?

Reader advisory: This book contains instances of homophobia, and references to parental death and on-page drug-taking.

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KP Profile

About the Author:

I have written for as long as I could write. In fact, before, when I would dictate to my auntie. I love to read, and I love to create worlds and characters.

I live in the English countryside. When I’m not writing, I like to get out there and think through the next scenario I’m going to throw my characters into.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, on a train, in a restaurant or in an office. I am always in search of the next character to find love in one of my stories. In a world of apps and online dating, it is important to remember love can be found when you least expect it.

Connect with Peter:
Website & Newsletter –
Facebook group
Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @kparkerwriter


Series Tour, Sale & Giveaway: Crawshank’s Guide to the Recently Departed by Vawn Cassidy

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Series Tour, Sale & Giveaway:
Crawshank’s Guide to the Recently Departed Series
By Vawn Cassidy


Crawshank’s Guide to the Recently Departed, Book 1

Tristan Everett had always preferred the company of the dead because they were quiet and didn’t talk back. As a slightly awkward introvert working as a pathologist at the Hackney Public Mortuary suited him just fine. That is, until a freak accident with a rogue ice cube and suddenly he can see ghosts. No longer content to just lie on the table and let him figure out how they died, they’re now peering over his shoulder critiquing his work and confessing their most lascivious sins before skipping off merrily into the afterlife.

Just when he thought his life couldn’t get any weirder, London’s most infamous drag queen, Miz Dusty Le Frey, is wheeled in with a toe tag and she’s not prepared to go quietly into the light. Not only is she furious at the prospect of spending eternity in last season’s gold lamé, she’s determined that he help her solve her murder.

Suddenly Tristan finds himself thrown into a world of sequins and fake eyelashes, and worse still, he may have developed a crush on Scotland Yard’s brand new drool-worthy detective, Inspector Danny Hayes, who’s been assigned to Dusty’s murder. Oh, and the killer now wants him dead too…

All he ever wanted was a simple life but suddenly he’s juggling work, a deliciously sexy detective, a stubborn ghost and a relentless murderer… and things have just gotten dead serious….

To celebrate the upcoming release of Dead Serious 2
Book 1 will be on sale for 3 days ONLY: 28th-30th October

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Crawshank’s Guide to the Recently Departed, Book 2

Dead Serious Case #2
Mrs Delores Abernathy


In the business of unfinished business…

It’s been over six months since a freak accident left pathologist Tristan Everett able to see ghosts, something he has yet to confess to his boyfriend. Instead, he now has a new calling, one he’s not entirely happy about… help the dead resolve their unfinished business so they can pass into the light, sounds simple right?


When the spirit of a sweet old lady follows him home he has no idea how to help her. When he finds out she’s been murdered by arsenic poisoning, a curiously outdated murder weapon, he once again finds himself tangled up in a murder investigation.

For Inspector Danny Hayes of New Scotland Yard, life couldn’t be better. After moving to London and meeting Tristan he’s ready to move their relationship to the next level, but something weird is going on with Tristan, he’s acting very strangely and with a killer on the loose he’s not taking any chances. He’s determined to discover whatever it is Tristan’s hiding from him.

Surrounded by a bunch of potentially murderous old ladies and aided by his sidekick, deceased drag queen and spirit guide in training, Dusty, Tristan must unravel the mystery of Mrs Delores Abernathy’s unfinished business and find the courage to share his deepest secret with the man he loves.

From author Wendy Saunders writing as Vawn Cassidy, comes the second book in this funny and touching paranormal MM romance/dark comedy suspense series.

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DS Series Tagline

Vawn Cassidy Eclipse VC Logo

About the Author:

Vawn Cassidy is the MM pen name of British author Wendy Saunders, she lives in the UK with her husband and children. She loves all things MM and is an avid reader herself.
As Vawn Cassidy she writes Paranormal/Dark Comedy/Mystery and Contemporary Romance and more recently is branching out into Historical & Supernatural MM/LGBTQ+ Fiction with her upcoming London Gothic series.
She also has an insane love of Lego and pop culture.

Connect with Vawn:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:


Blog & Instagram Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Metal Soul by Michelle Frost

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Metal Soul
By Michelle Frost

Metal Soul Cover

Metal & Magic, Book 3

Three men. One destiny.

Zeb hasn’t seen his brother since the war, and despite finding a place within the Warren pack and befriending his potential mate, he’s lonely.

Josh only wants to live up to the Warren name—to protect his pack and territory to the best of his ability. He keeps the secret that he’s been in love with his potential mate since they met close to his chest. Zeb made it clear he doesn’t think Josh is mature enough for them to be mates yet, and Josh has only been waiting for the chance to prove him wrong.

Neither man expects Seven—a man whose body and mind have been altered against his will. The secrets locked in Seven’s memories could be the key to saving Zeb’s brother and stopping a war before it starts. All they have to do is embrace the path fate has set before them and each other.

Metal Soul is the third novel in the Metal & Magic series, dystopian urban fantasy romance. While each book contains an HEA, the main story line is ongoing. The series is best read in order.

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Series link


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The mix of scents the newcomers brought with them was going to my head. Between the metallic edge, the vaguely familiar scent of decay, and the mouthwatering scent coming off the last man out of the trees—Seven, Matthew had said—I didn’t know what to do first. He smelled as good to me as Zeb did, and the strangest thing was, if I was reading the look on Zeb’s face right, it was the same for him too.

I shook my head, trying to get my thoughts back on track and away from the fact that I had another compatible mate standing in front of me. He was human as far as I could tell, but the metal mixing with his scent made me wonder if that was really the case.

Deck took a step forward. “What do you mean he’s not healing? And why does that man—” he pointed at the large bald man in black “—smell like one of Nero’s minions?”

I looked from Deck to the bald man and back. Shit. He was the source of the slight scent of decay I was catching, but it wasn’t exactly the same as the Brambles and others Nero’s revenant had used to attack us on the Warren farm.

“What do you know about Nero?” Fergus growled, stepping in front of Matthew as a freaking sword materialized out of thin air into the palm of his hand.

Revenant,” Colt hissed as a fireball sparked to life in his hand. Deck and Zeb both growled as the whole clearing went tight with tension.

“Wait! Fergus, wait!” Matthew stepped around Fergus. “Fergus is with us. Not Nero. And we don’t have time for some stand-off.” He looked at Zeb. “It’s a long story, but there’s a witch working with some humans. They’re…creating augmented humans and they’re stealing werecreature magic to do it. We shut down one of their labs earlier this year, but they’re still working somewhere else. We’ve had a couple run-ins with some of them. This last one, Bram was stabbed with one of the knives they use to siphon off a werecreature’s power.”

The pop and crackle of our fire filled the quiet that overtook the clearing. Beside me, Deck’s face had gone pale.

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To celebrate the release of Metal Soul, Michelle is giving away a Signed Paperback bundle of the Metal & Magic Series so far (Open Internationally)!

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About the Author:

Stories have always been Michelle Frost’s escape. Even as a kid, she can remember writing stories featuring her favorite cartoon characters. Now, her characters are a little more grown up, as are the stories she likes to tell. A self-proclaimed coffee addict and a bit of an introvert, she can most likely be found with her nose in a book.

Connect with Michelle:
Facebook Group:


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Something Undeniable by Rory Maxwell

Something Undeniable BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Something Undeniable
By Rory Maxwell

Something Undeniable Cover

Split Rock Ranch, Book 1

Micah Avery has called Split Rock Ranch home for most of his life—it’s one of the few places he can be totally himself without worry or judgment. The ranch, the horses, and the people are Micah’s future, and he couldn’t be happier. The fact that it’s also home to the ranch manager he’s determined to marry one day is icing on the cake . . . all he needs is for Ryan to notice him.

Ryan Astor came to Split Rock Ranch at a time when he was desperate to start over. It was just supposed to be a stop on the road, but instead he found a home and a family—that family includes Micah, the sweet kid who’s been the ranch mascot since before he was tall enough to see over the stall doors. Ryan’s finally found his place, and he can’t imagine wanting anything to change.

Then little Micah Avery grows up. And Ryan’s suddenly confronted with a whole mess of feelings and desires he never expected. Now he needs to decide if he can give in to what they both want without jeopardizing everything they have.

Something Undeniable is a slow-burn, 37k-word novella with an age gap, mutual pining, and plenty of heat. It’s the first book in the Split Rock Ranch series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

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Something Undeniable Teaser 1


Micah vs. the water trough

Shocking cold smacked him in the back as he plunged into the trough. Water closed over his head and he threw his arms out, managing to drag himself up enough to suck in a breath. “Fuck,” he gasped, clinging to the metal edge, blinded by the water in his eyes.

A moment later, strong hands wrapped around his biceps and hauled him, sputtering and coughing, back to his feet.

“You okay, kid?” Ryan’s deep voice, caught somewhere between concern and amusement, cut through Micah’s stunned haze. He blinked up at Ryan, trying to clear the water from his clumped lashes.

“Um…” Micah was fine. He was just going to dissolve into a puddle of embarrassment, thank you very much. Ryan’s brow was furrowed in concern. Sexy concern. Crap. “I—fine. I’m fine,” Micah managed to say. He looked down at his soaked clothes and groaned. “Just—wet.” He licked at the water dripping off his upper lip, not that it did much good.

Ryan’s nostrils flared and he looked like he was going to say something scolding. Then Maggie put her booted foot on the still-flapping hose and shut off the water, keeping Rascal away with her free hand. “Micah, how the heck did you manage that?”

Micah shrugged. Or he tried to. Ryan was still gripping his biceps as if he might tumble right back in if given the chance. Maybe that was a safe bet because the heat of Ryan’s hands was soaking into Micah’s skin and making his knees weak. “Don’t know,” he managed to say somewhat evenly. “I think the hose is out to get me.”

“Now that I’d believe.” Maggie shook her head and started hauling it back toward the barn, coiling it neatly as she went.

Ryan finally released him, and Micah immediately missed the warm, steadying touch. A breeze kicked up and he shivered as it sliced right through him. Crap, this was going to suck. Did he have spare clothes up at Maggie’s? It had been a while since he stayed over.

“I probably have something you can wear,” Ryan said, reading Micah’s mind. “Come with me.” He turned to lead the way back to the barn and Micah followed automatically. He had a lot of practice listening when Ryan used that tone.

Walking with his legs encased in heavy, wet denim sucked big time, but it didn’t stop Micah’s eyes from dropping to check out the way Ryan’s jeans hugged his ass as he climbed the stairs. Looking that good in pants should be illegal. At the very least, it should come with a warning label. Caution: Prolonged Eye Contact May Be Bad For Your Mental Health. Not that it would help Micah. He’d never been very good about following rules he didn’t agree with.

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About the Author:

Rory Maxwell discovered romance novels on her mom’s bookshelf when she was probably too young to be reading them—the reward for being a nosy kid with great reading comprehension. The magic of a dial-up internet connection led her to the wonderful world of MM fanfiction a few years later and she fell love with the genre. In 2019 she woke up with a plot bunny, opened a word doc, and started trying to figure out how this writing stuff worked.

Rory grew up outside of Washington, DC, moved away, and then came back for reasons she doesn’t fully understand. An artist and writer, she always has too many exciting ideas and not nearly enough free time. One day, she hopes to escape to the mountains and open an LGBTQIA+ friendly bed and breakfast where she can work from home and write as much as she wants. In the meantime, she splits her time between her day job and writing MM romance with endearing characters, lots of feels, plenty of heat, and a dash of kink.

Connect with Roxy:


Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway: Strike A Pose by Jackie North

ML 5 Strike a Pose Out Now 1

Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Strike A Pose by Jackie North

Model Love Series: Universal Series Link

Strike A Pose by Jackie North

Strike A Pose Cover

A Model Love Novel; released October 11th

Make a wish on a shooting star. Cry to the moon like the coyotes do.

There are so many things Sid cannot have, so many things he tells himself he does not need. His job at Farthingdale Ranch is good enough, right? Then along comes Heston, a glamorous and gorgeous top-tier model from New York City who makes Sid want and then want some more.

Heston has come to Wyoming to do a pre-fall photo shoot in the middle of July. It’s hot as hell, his skin is drying up, his hair is breaking off, and he’s got a hangnail. Then along comes Sid, lanky and sweet, and Heston begins to think there’s more to life than modeling.

Strike a Pose is a 80k-word contemporary MM novel featuring found families, opposites attract, different worlds, cowboy/cityboy, hurt/comfort, mutual rescue, fish out of water, a bit of ugly duckling, raindrop kisses, and quilts. It’s part of the Model Love multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, in any order, but there are so many models falling in love, why not read them all?

Universal Link

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SaP Landscape Teaser

Teaser from Strike A Pose

All three models were tall, willowy, broad shouldered, narrow hipped. They wore blue jeans and shiny cowboy boots, and pushed their new-looking felt hats back on their heads.

Then the wind rose, swooping a badly-worn cowboy hat off one model’s head. He bent to pick it up, his hair dark gold and glossy and tumbled and incredibly perfect. As he straightened, looking like he was about to put that hat back on in the wrong way, Sid couldn’t help himself.

“That’s not how you wear it,” he said, grabbing the cowboy hat and holding it out. “It looks dumb on the back of your headt, plus it won’t shield you from the sun at all.”

A long silence fell hard, and of course Sid had again said what he thought without stopping to think. He opened his mouth to apologize when the model held out his hand for the hat with one, languid curve of his wrist.

“Then how am I supposed to wear it?” asked the model.

“Heston, it doesn’t matter,” said Nick. “Just put it back on so we can finish up.”

“This fellow seems to think it matters,” said Heston, still holding out his hand to Sid.

His eyes were impossibly green, or maybe it was the dark eyeliner he wore that made them so clear and green. Or maybe it was his dark gold, wavy hair, messy over his forehead, just about as perfect as could be. Or maybe it was his expression, watchful, like Sid might bite him.

“How am I supposed to wear it?” Heston asked.

The other models were watching Sid as he turned Heston’s hat around in his hands, like they wanted to wear their hats the right way and not like city slickers.

“Like this,” said Sid, handing the hat to Heston. He took his hat off and placed it gently on his head, almost horizontal, but with a jaunty tilt to the side. “The brim keeps the sun out of your face.” He tugged on the brim to pull it forward. “Like this if you’re riding into the sunset.” He smiled to show them all he’d just made a little joke. “Like a real cowboy,” he added.

Heston shook his hair back and, his mouth open in concentration, he settled his cowboy hat on his head, then tugged the brim to echo the jaunty angle of Sid’s hat. With the hat on the right way, he struck a pose.

For a full minute, thuds of Sid’s heartbeat, Heston looked the part, like a real cowboy looking over a vista view of waving green grass, looking for lost cattle, and he was madly in love.

IG Sized SAP Teaser

More stories from the Model Love world


Couture Crush by Charlie Novak

Headshot by JP Sayle

Getting Signed by Colette Davison

Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

Strike A Pose by Jackie North

Denim By Design by Mega Pritchard

Exclusive by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Enter the Series Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of the Model Love Shared World Collection, the authors are giving away a $50 Amazon Giftcard!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Direct Link:

With so many models falling in love,
why not collect them all?

Model Love Series Link

IG Sized Model Love Series 1

Jackie North Pic

About the Author:

Jackie North has been writing stories since grade school and spent years absorbing mainstream romances. She also wanted to put her English degree to good use writing romance novels, because for years she’s had a never-ending movie of made-up love stories in her head that simply wouldn’t leave her alone.

Soon, she discovered m/m romance and decided that men falling in love with other men was exactly what she wanted to write books about. In this dazzling new world, she turned her grocery-store romance ideas around and is now putting them to paper as fast as her fingers can type.

She creates characters who are a bit flawed and broken, who find themselves on the edge of society, and maybe a few who are a little bit lost, but who all deserve a happily ever after. (And she makes sure they get it!)

She likes long walks on the beach, the smell of lavender and rainstorms, and enjoys sleeping in on snowy mornings. She is especially fond of pizza and beer and long road trips. In her heart, there is peace to be found everywhere, but since in the real world this isn’t always true, Jackie writes for love.

Connect with Jackie:

Website –

Newsletter –

Facebook –

Bookbub –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Facebook Group –


Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Alistair in Wonderland by Ariella Zoelle

Alistair in Wonderland Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Alistair in Wonderland
By Ariella Zoelle

Alistair 1800

Wonderland Ever After, Book 1

Alistair falls down the rabbit hole and becomes the new Alice. Can he save Wonderland’s magic by falling in love with his fated mate?

My life sucks until Bianco shows up. He’s a gorgeous albino who promises me a fun adventure while looking like a handsome prince from a fairy tale. I happily follow him down the rabbit hole in the hopes of getting up to some sexy shenanigans.

Imagine my shock when I discover he’s the famous White Rabbit from the books and one of the last shifters left in Wonderland! Even more surprising is finding out I’m a descendant of the original Alice, which means I’m the only person who can bring the missing magic back to their world.

That’s all well and good, but our incredible chemistry is highly distracting. It’s impossible to resist our intense attraction when I’m his fated mate, so why bother trying? But maybe there’s a way to have it all.

What if forming a mating bond with Bianco is the way to make all my dreams come true and save Wonderland at the same time?

Alistair in Wonderland is the first book in the Wonderland Ever After series. This sweet-with-heat MM paranormal fantasy romance features affectionate shifters, fated mates, and a magical gay romance. These books have hilarious characters to adore, a lot of sexy fun times, and no angst love stories that make you laugh and swoon. Escape into this Wonderland full of whimsy, where everyone gets a HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed in order.

Universal Link


AIW Teaser 1

AIW Teaser 2


Chapter 1: Alistair Hargreaves

The sudden feeling of a man pressing close against my back made me stiffen in surprise. His deep voice had my dick’s immediate attention as he murmured in my ear, “You look like you want to run away.” His sexy British accent got me all hot and bothered, which outweighed my outrage at being manhandled by some entitled billionaire looking for a new boy toy.

His cologne was a dark, woodsy scent that stirred desire within me. The romantic in me wanted to breathe him in deep and give myself over to whatever sinful pleasures he wished to bestow upon me. The horny-virgin part of my brain was ready for him to bend me over the nearest table and fuck me in front of everyone until I screamed his name while I came harder than I ever had in my life. I had never experienced such a visceral reaction to a person before. It was a little disorienting.

When I didn’t react, he reached out and wrapped an arm around my waist. He pulled me flush against his firm body as his lips ghosted over the tip of my ear in a way that made me go weak in the knees as my cock grew rock hard.

My gaze darted around the room to make sure everyone was ignoring us. Somehow, the world had gone into slow motion, as if I was a step outside of time, with the man pressed against my back. Satisfied that no one was paying attention, I finally found my voice. “Can you blame me?”

His dark chuckle reverberated through me, filling me with a lustful need to ride his cock until I came all over his stomach. “Not at all. It’s so dreadfully dull here.” I stiffened with a startled noise when he traced the shell of my ear with his tongue, putting me at risk of coming in my pants like a teenager with no self-control. “Shall we entertain ourselves with an adventure somewhere a little more private?”

My cock was desperately interested in what was being offered. I had never done more than kiss a guy before, but if the man was even half as hot as his voice sounded, I’d be down to let him do anything he wanted to me. Hell, if he was only a tenth as sexy as the fantasy version of him in my head, he could buy me with his millions for his personal collection. Screw having morals. At least I’d finally have sex.

Curious about the handsome stranger, I turned to face him. I had been prepared to see a gross ogre of a skeezy rich guy ogling me, but he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life. He appeared to have been born from moonlight, stardust, and dreams come true. Dressed in a white suit with a metallic pink vest and tie, he resembled a prince who had stepped out of the pages of a fairy tale. His hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes were pure white, giving him a striking appearance. He had the most unusual dark pink eyes, which were bright with amusement at my stunned expression. Although they were probably contacts, they looked startlingly real.

The combined effect of his appearance and scent sparked my arousal into a roaring blaze. I didn’t disguise the fact that I was fully erect because when someone was that sexy, he was probably used to it. I swallowed hard as I gazed up at him in awe. “What kind of adventure?”

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About the Author:

Ariella Zoelle adores steamy, funny, swoony romances where couples are allowed to just be happy. She writes low angst stories full of heat, humor, and heart. But sometimes she’s in the mood for something with a bit more angst and drama. If you are too, check out her A.F. Zoelle books.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Care by RM L

Care BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Care (Tender Hearts, 1)
By RM Lovely & KP Lane


Tender Hearts, Book 1

Jaxon loses his breath for Henry…

In all the wrong ways. When an asthma attack at work lands him in the arms of his drool-inducing, rich af, totally intimidating boss Jaxon just wants to crawl under a rock. Poor, struggling, and with no options left he can’t afford to lose this job by making a fool of himself. And that’s just what he does on day one.

But King Henry doesn’t seem to mind at all. With a firm hand and a warm heart, he takes young Jaxon under his wing and gives him all the care a boy could ever want. Could this be the Daddy of Jaxon’s dreams?

Care is a sweet, low-angst, age play novel with an adorable doggy, a sweet boy, a loving Daddy, and a happily ever after so sweet it’ll melt you to pieces!

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“Well, that’s some poor timing,” I said in resignation, looking at the speaker on the phone where I’d just heard the unfortunate news. Not even ten minutes into my day, and I was already dealing with a nuclear bomb of information. “St. Beatrice’s needed our blueprints for that new wing days ago.”

“I know, Mr. King,” Nathan said. “Everyone is on board with picking up the slack however we can.”

I could hear the attempts to hide the frantic edge to his voice, but he was unsuccessful. My jaw tightened, and my eyes clenched shut. I could feel a tic in my throat where my blood pressure created a thudding in my carotid artery, and I forced myself to take a deep breath.

“Mr. King?” Nathan said after several minutes.

“I heard you, Nathan,” I said with more of a snap than I intended.

I took another deep inhale. This situation wasn’t Nathan’s fault. John had been hinting at leaving the firm for a while for health reasons–I just thought he might at least make it until the end of the project. The newest wing of the massive hospital in Downtown Phoenix was a huge win for the firm, and we knew it would be a tough deadline to meet, even with a full team working at it. We were already down a person due to our star intern graduating and moving back home right before we put pencils to paper, and now we were short a senior architect.

“Thanks, Nathan,” I said. “Keep up the good work. Don’t lose sight of the end goal.”

“Yeah, of course, Mr. King.”

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About the Authors:

KP Lane LogoRM Lovely Logo

KP Lane and RM Lovely are two friends who decided to write wonderful age play books together. They love to relax at home with a good movie, a glass of wine, and books, books, books! Together, they write books with love, sweetness, and the cutest littles you’ve ever seen.

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: No Wrong Moves by Becca Seymour

No Wrong Moves Banner

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: No Wrong Moves By Becca Seymour

No Wrong Moves Cover

Zone Defense, Book 3

Pining for your best friend sucks ass—and not the good kind of sucking. But I can’t back away, and I definitely can’t let go. Eddie Phelps is too damn important to me. He has my heart and soul. Well, he and his daughter, a ten-year-old who one day will run the world.

It’s not like I can even blame Eddie for mixed signals or anything. He’s done everything right. He always does. Honestly, that’s part of his problem.

But I won’t put pressure on him. That means it’s down to Eddie to see how freakin’ awesome a catch I am. I just have no idea how exactly I’ll get him to do that.

Sure, I’m a professional basketball player. But once upon a time, so was he. It’s going to take something huge to get him to see beyond my age *cough immaturity cough*. But since Eddie isn’t one for making wrong moves, I’m not sure a grand gesture will work.

That leads me back to pining, and hoping somehow, someway, he’ll see me as more than a joker. More than his best friend—even though I’m a kick-ass one. Maybe someday, he’ll know I’m exactly the person he needs to make the move on.

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NWM 1 Pearce M2 NWM 3 cheerleader


I bobbed my head. Eddie, and sometimes Lottie when my games didn’t clash with school, made regular trips to see me play. Every single time, I was overwhelm­ed he made the effort, all but pinching myself knowing he valued my friendship as much as I did his. “I booked us in at the hotel restaurant. I hope that’s okay.” His gaze flicked to his daughter, and I glanced at her still in my arms. Her head was against my shoulder. While her eyes were open, I figured she’d be exhausted. Not that she’d ever admit as much to either of us. “Sounds good. The perfect place to spend time with this crazy kid.” Eddie’s smile was soft, and when my gaze traveled to his face, I realized it was directed at me rather than Lottie. I held his stare for a beat before glancing away, too terrified he’d see longing in my eyes. The last thing I wanted was him to feel awkward. And the thought of not spending time with either of them wasn’t worth the risk. “You want me to drive?” Eddie asked as we stepped into the secure parking lot. My relieved smile was instant, as was the flutter in my stomach. He knew I always had a mini adrenaline crash post game, where I was overcome with tiredness until I got a decent meal. “That’d be great, thanks.” I passed him the key to my SUV, which I may have upgraded to last year with Lottie in mind. We got settled in the car, and Eddie started the engine. “With this traffic, it’ll take us at least forty-five minutes. Why don’t you rest? You know I’ve got you.” Our gazes caught, a whisper of a smile tilting his lips. I closed my eyes, aware he spoke the truth. The only trouble was, I wish he had me in every way possible.
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Becca Seymour Bio Pic 2021

About the Author:

Becca Seymour lives and breathes all things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being written at the same time, life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.

Living on her small property in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly is love.

Connect with Becca: Facebook Group: RoMMance with Becca & Louisa Newsletter:


Blog & Instagram Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Fulbourn by D K Girl

The Fulbourn Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Fulbourn – Pitch & Sickle Book Five
By D K Girl

2022-0684 D K Girl b05

The Diabolus Chronicles, Book 5

When the King of Daemonkind comes to call, be ready for hell to follow.

After Lucifer’s disturbing visit, the quest to destroy the Blight takes on a desperate urgency.

Finding Lieutenant Edward Charters is paramount.

But what role does a mortal man play in Seraphiel’s dangerous game?

The angel has sent Pitch a talisman from beyond the grave, a seemingly innocuous watch that may be the key to ending the Watcher King’s dark legacy. But to learn its secret Pitch and Silas must find the man intended to carry it.

As the search for the lieutenant begins, the Horsemen find themselves gifted with something more precious than any angelic token. An evening of unexpected freedom.

A night that will deepen their intimacy and bring long-stifled feelings to the fore.

But what price will they pay for choosing breathless pleasure over rigid duty?

The Morrigan have not forgiven the destruction at the greensward. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to rid themselves of the Horsemen and heed the Watcher King’s ghostly call.

The Fulbourn is Pitch and Silas’s greatest threat yet.

A place that will drive them into the depths of their most terrible fears and seek to tear them apart.

They are closer than ever before but will that fragile new bond be enough to save them?

Or have the daemon prince and his ankou found the nemesis that will destroy them once and for all?

The Diabolus Chronicles is a slow-burn MM Gaslamp Fantasy series that contains on-page sex scenes, gore and violence, and rather a lot of cursing.

This is the fifth book in the on-going series.

**Reader Note – This book contains mention of a previous sexual assault (The Greensward), and suggestion of sexual assault. (No on-page depiction)

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SILAS LURKED outside his own bedroom door like a ne’er-do-well. He had been banished from the room for days. His own bloody room. He was beyond frustrated with the situation but he knew better than to attempt to argue with a sickly daemon. And Pitch was certainly unwell.

Silas pressed an ear to the door, listening in on the conversation taking place inside the room. In truth, it was less conversation, more battle of wills and wits.

‘If you just hold steady, Tobias, this will be over in a moment.’ Jane was her usual measured self, calm as a summer breeze. ‘You are making this far more difficult than it ought to be.’

Silas winced. Her reasoning would not go down well at all. His fingers tightened around the mahonia blooms he just picked from the garden. Sure enough the crash of something fragile against the floorboards followed.

‘You gib-faced, vazey, hedge-creeping bitch,’ Pitch decried. And proceeded to loosen off with a string of quite terrible ways he was going to show Jane how difficult he could be if she did not cease and desist with making his existence a misery.

Silas had not discerned exactly what the air elemental was doing to the daemon. There was far too much yelling to make out the details, but he knew it was supposed to make Pitch’s life less of a misery.

The treatment he was undergoing was designed to rid the prince’s body of the lingering dregs of Gu.

For a time after their escape from Gidleigh House and the greensward it seemed as though the daemon would suffer no ill effects of his poisoning. Something Lady Satine was mightily impressed with. By her account the prince should be dead, or so close to it they might as well measure him for his coffin. Neither was the case, which evidently she was pleased with.

As was Silas.

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Check out Book 1 in the
The Diabolus Chronicles

FINAL COVER 2020-1161 D K Girl b01

1885 London, England
His second chance at life will be the death of him.

Silas Mercer has been hauled from his grave with no memory of who he was, or who he is supposed to be now.

Bewildered and lost, he finds himself in London in the service of the mysterious Order of the Golden Dawn. A secretive organisation specialising in all things supernatural.

But their plans for him seem to involve nothing more than keeping London society amused with his terrible dancing skills and hosting the occasional séance.

Silas’s new life takes a startling turn when the Order partners him with the scandalous rake, Tobias Astaroth. A quick-tempered, dangerously beautiful man who harbours some hellish secrets.

Their unlikely, and infuriating partnership soon faces its first terrifying challenge.

A monster straight out of a nightmare is haunting the woods of Leicester, and the Order want Silas and Tobias to end its rampage.

But nothing in this world is as it seems. Not the Order. Not Silas himself, and certainly not his incorrigible and utterly beguiling companion.

Surviving his new life will be fraught with peril.
But surviving Tobias Astaroth and his devilish wiles could be the greatest challenge Silas has ever faced.

A slow-burn MM Gaslamp Fantasy series.

Contains: Sexual content, violence and rather a lot of cursing.

This is the first book in the thrilling Gaslamp Fantasy series, The Diabolus Chronicles

Also in series (on-going):

  • The Verderer – Pitch & Sickle Book Two
  • The Skriker – Pitch & Sickle Book Three
  • The Greensward – Pitch & Sickle Book Four
  • The Fulbourn – Pitch & Sickle Book Five (Out Now. Released Oct, 2022.)

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About the Author:

Danielle K Girl is an Aussie who lives in stunning Tasmania with her three furkids, cats Luffy, Sweetie (@sweetiebyname) and Ren.

Her idea of heaven is a farm full of rescue animals, with a vegie garden that sprouts peanut M&M’s and chocolate wheaten biscuits.

When she’s not keyboard-deep in mysterious, beguiling worlds, she is binge watching K-Dramas, listening to K-Pop or hiking through the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

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Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway: Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

ML 4 Pulling Focus Out Now 2

Book Blast, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

Model Love Series: Universal Series Link

Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

Pulling Focus Cover

A Model Love Novel; released October 7th

From this side of the lens, everything’s fake. Especially the love.


Listen, sweetie. I don’t need anyone to protect me. But money is a problem right now and I desperately need this big break. So when my awful ex-boyfriend tries to take it all away from me, I’ll do anything. Even pretend to be dating Mr. Hot Shot Photographer if it’ll still get me through the door. I mean, he’s offered to whisk me away to New York, and he’s seriously gorgeous, so where’s the problem? I can be professional. No one’s going to catch feels.


I don’t date models, especially not ones almost half my age. But beneath all of Malyk’s bravado, I can see a sweet man who’s hurting. It won’t harm to pretend to be his boyfriend and spoil him during this ridiculous retreat to keep him safe, right? But there’s something irresistible about him that’s drawing me in, and suddenly a week doesn’t seem long enough before he has to fly back to London. We’re from different countries, different generations, different worlds entirely. It could never work. But when Malyk’s ex threatens to cost him everything, I can’t just stand back and let that happen, either.

Pulling Focus is a 60K word contemporary MM novel featuring an adventure across the Atlantic, a room with only one bed, bucket loads of explosive UST, a fabulous masquerade ball, and a long-suffering pooch who knows what his master needs better than he does. It’s part of the Model Love multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, in any order, but there are so many models falling in love, why not read them all?

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Teaser from Pulling Focus

The dangerous thing about walking around a cute park with my dog and a seriously hot guy then going to dinner is that it feels extremely coupley. We said we were going to practice PDA, so we even hold hands, and I notice several appreciative looks and smiles that are sent our way.

This isn’t real, though. It’s not a date. It’s just a necessity for keeping my new friend awake. And fed. For someone so skinny he eats a lot. So I’m just being responsible.

That’s what I also tell myself as I get him home a couple of hours later and practically have to carry him into his bed. He’s dead on his feet and mumbling sweetly—not to me, of course. But to my damned dog. I have to laugh at how easily they’ve bonded.

“I’ll leave the door ajar,” I promise him after he’s brushed his teeth. “If you need anything, just call out. I’ll hear.”

He blinks sleepily at me, then smiles. “I will. Thank you, Oscar.”

I hesitate just a bit too long, wanting to ask if he needs anything else. Then I remind myself that he’s an adult and is more than capable of taking care of himself.

I put a load of laundry on and repack some of my case for the week ahead. I always knew it would be a little tight doing two trips back-to-back, but nothing I can’t handle.

What I really can’t handle is knowing that Malyk is just across the hall. I try not to think about how much I want to curl up behind him and fall asleep with him in my arms. It’s crazy. I’d have never called myself protective before, but now it’s like I think I’m all that’s going to stand between him and a world that wants to hurt him.

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IG Sized ML4 PF Tagline

More stories from the Model Love world


Couture Crush by Charlie Novak

Headshot by JP Sayle

Getting Signed by Colette Davison

Pulling Focus by HJ Welch

Strike A Pose by Jackie North

Denim By Design by Mega Pritchard

Exclusive by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

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With so many models falling in love,
why not collect them all?

Model Love Series Link

IG Sized Model Love Series 1


About the Author:

HJ Welch is an author of contemporary MM romance series, including the international bestselling Pine Cove series. She lives just outside of London with her husband and two balls of fluff that occasionally pretend to be cats. She began writing at an early age, later honing her craft online in the world of fanfiction on sites like Wattpad. Fifteen years and over half a million words later, she sought out original MM novels to read. By the end of 2016 she had written her first book of her own, and in 2017 she achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time author. When she’s not writing she’s usually dancing, singing, filming music videos, taking long walks, working on jigsaw puzzles, drinking prosecco, or talking about Eurovision.

She also writes contemporary British MM fairy tale adaptations as Helen Juliet.

Connect with Helen:







Facebook Group