Audio Release & Instagram Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Blink by Morgan Brice

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Audio Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Blink by Morgan Brice

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Treasure Trail, Book 2

Ghosts always remember. Mobsters never forget.

Erik Mitchell helped Interpol bust cartels, oligarchs, and spoiled billionaires for art fraud. As an undercover cop, Ben Nolan helped bring down a Newark crime family. Now Erik and Ben have started over in Cape May, leaving their danger-filled jobs behind them, excited about a fresh start and their new relationship.

Plans to renovate a historic old theater stir up dangerous ghosts and revive interest in unsolved Mob hits. The curse of a murdered witch strikes a close friend, old movie props reveal clues to long-ago crimes, and a shakedown scheme sends Ben’s cousin running for cover.

Time is running out to lift the curse. The Russian Mob wants revenge on Erik, and the Newark Mob is gunning for Ben. A grieving ghost seeks justice. Secrets, lies, and deception unravel in the blink of an eye.

Erik and Ben were planning for happily ever after. But unless they can outwit witches, wraiths, and wise guys, they could go down in a hail of gunfire and a blast of dark magic—and see their plans go up in smoke.

Blink is a suspenseful MM paranormal romance mystery adventure filled with second chance love, hurt/comfort, true soulmates, awesome food trucks, dangerous secrets, restless ghosts, psychic visions, powerful witches, angry mobsters, and a very haunted theater.

Book Two in the Treasure Trail series.

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Ben hadn’t been sure he’d last longer than the summer until he met Erik.

After the fiasco of his previous relationship, Ben had doubted the “right one” was out there. He and Erik had hit it off, then managed to solve a long-ago murder, piss off the Mob, and nearly get themselves killed. Through all that, the spark between them burned hotter than ever. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.

Ben shuffled the papers on his desk, mostly bids from contractors for renovation projects on several units now that the peak season was over. He was looking forward to the slow months, and at the same time, felt a little queasy.

Over the summer, he and Erik had been so busy settling into their new businesses that their relationship was built on dates and dinners out. There hadn’t been time for spending long hours together, having deep or difficult conversations—the kind of things that needed to happen to build a lasting relationship.

Fall brought with it more free time, and that scared Ben. What if I’m not really what Erik wants or needs once he really has a chance to think about it? He handled international art theft, worked with Interpol, traveled the world. I’m a Newark ex-cop with issues. I know he loves me, and I love him. Will it be enough?

Alessia Mason had said she sensed Erik and Ben were soulmates. Ben had never believed in that kind of thing before now, but after how quickly he and Erik had formed a bond, Ben was reconsidering that belief. Even if that’s true—and God, I want it to be—we’re going to have to work at it. Make it good; keep it strong. I’m not going to fuck this up by taking anything for granted.

He pulled himself out of his thoughts and focused on a more pressing concern. Cafaro’s name triggered bad memories. While he and Erik had solved one mystery about a long-ago murder, doing so had unearthed information about other crimes some people preferred remain forgotten. They’d nearly ended up dead, and part of the fallout was discovering that old Mob ties were alive and well in Cape May.

While they had solved a murder from the 1970s, Ben had acciden‐ tally found incriminating evidence implicating Vincente Cafaro in another killing. Cafaro had owned the grand, cursed Commodore Wilson Hotel and had connections to a lot of other enterprises.

Cafaro himself was long dead, but as Ben and Erik had learned the hard way, old crimes could reveal a web of secrets and lies that threat‐ ened the living, who would go to deadly lengths to keep the past buried.

For his own peace of mind, Ben had created a program to scan the web for any mention of known Mob players he’d had a role in arrest‐ ing. He wanted to keep tabs on where they were and what they were doing—and whether they were anywhere near Cape May. Ben consid‐ ered the tracking program to be an early warning system. Having one of the mobsters he had tangled with in the past show up might not mean anything—but just in case, Ben didn’t want to be caught by surprise.

He’d checked the program every couple of days when he first moved to Cape May. Ben might have left his former home, but the undercover bust that had gone wrong had Mob ties—and Newark wasn’t that far away. When no one showed up, Ben had relaxed a little —until the Seventies murder case flushed out a local cop who didn’t want old organized crime ties to come to light.

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Treasure Trail, Book 1

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 6.57.56 pm

Erik Mitchell traveled the world uncovering art fraud and relic theft, which pitted him against spoiled billionaires, unscrupulous collectors, mobsters, and cartels. He worked with law enforcement across the U.S. and Europe, but then a sting goes wrong, Erik ends up injured and returns to find his partner cheating. He decides to stop globetrotting and buy an antique shop in scenic Cape May, NJ, rebuild his life, and nurse his broken heart.

Undercover Newark cop Ben Nolan went down in a hail of bullets when a bust went sideways, after a tip-off from a traitor inside the department. When he recovers, he spends a couple of years as a private investigator, only to tire of seeing the worst of human nature. So when his aunt offers him the chance to take over her rental real estate business in Cape May, it seems too good to be true. Now if he could just believe he could ever be lucky again in love.

Sparks fly when Erik and Ben meet. But when a cursed hotel’s long-ago scandals resurface, the two men are pulled into a web of lies, danger, and deception that will test their bond—and might make them Cape May’s newest ghosts!

Treasure Trail contains sexually explicit material intended for adults 18 and over. This is book #1 in the Treasure Trail series.

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About the Author:

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!

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Special Cover Reveal for Rage Unleashed: Wrecked by J.K. Jones

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Cover Reveal for
Rage Unleashed: Wrecked
By J.K. Jones

Rage Unleashed

Rage, Book 1

Damian was getting careless.

He purposefully lingered in Sasha’s apartment, sniffing his underwear, making sure his scent bled into the fabric. He’ll die if he couldn’t have him. Have this. His sweet omega.

Professor Sasha Petrovitch wasn’t meant to be coddled; he was meant to be wrecked.


Damian could do that. If only Sasha hadn’t rejected him. If only Sasha behaved like a proper omega and submitted to him fully then this wouldn’t be happening.

There were rules against this type of thing. Treaties. Laws and regulations against alpha’s overstepping their boundaries.

As pack leader of the Barbaric Prowlers, Damian has broken them all.

He couldn’t help himself. Words failed him once he invaded Sasha’s space. That scent. Jasmine. It drove him mad. Damian wanted to smash him open. Pull him apart as a wolf does to sheep. He’s half-possessed.


This maddening infatuation has destroyed him.

And the worst part was, Damian let it.

Warning: violent thoughts, violence, gore, dubious consent, stalking, werewolf shifter fantasy, HFN & soft cliffhanger ending.

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About the Author:

Literature is in my veins and the words pour out of my blood. Message me privately to join the mailing list. I like my artsy with a bit of fartsy. I love Sundays spent drinking massive amounts of coffee and lingering over whichever book I am currently enthralled with. Favorite movies: American Beauty. Duh. What can I say? It’s a classic. Favorite place: The fort I built in my basement which my mom forced me to take down. Favorite food: Cheetos. Puffs. I don’t know what everything is crazy about the crunchy ones are crap.

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: We Choose You by Katy Manz

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
We Choose You
By Katy Manz

We Choose You Cover

Choice Versus Fate, Book 1

James and Aidan didn’t need fate. They had each other.

Alpha James and Beta Aiden love each other and don’t care what fate has to say about that. Mating doesn’t need to be based on pheromones and scents. And kids? There were many ways to build a family.

When fate comes knocking years later, James does what any wolf in his situation would—he runs away. He has a mate he loves more than anything, and they’re just about to get everything they want: a family. He can’t risk losing everything because Fate decided to be a butt.

Omega Riley scented his fated mate once months earlier, and the wolf ran away. He is coming to terms with his singledom. Everything is going as well as it can, that is, until his fated mate’s children walk into his classroom.

We Choose You is book one in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: Choice Vs. Fate. It features an alpha wolf shifter who mated his beta best friend, the omega sent by fate, true love, twins who will steal your heart, adorable babies, and a guaranteed happy ever after.

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Only I could end up in the ER as an adult for getting a building block stuck in my nose. It should be one of the dozen or so kids under the age of five who I worked with here right now waiting for the on-call doctor to help free the annoying toy. But no, it was me, the grown-up charged with keeping them from doing it.

I was the grown man who got such a thing lodged in his breathing hole. I tripped over Eddie’s missing shoe while Andy was holding up a building block to show me it was his favorite color. The fates decided I had to be laughed at more in life. The kids all laughed, at least, except poor Andy who cried thinking he hurt me.

Luckily, it was a quick fix, more embarrassing than anything. Now, I needed to meet my friend Leslie in the hospital cafeteria, and we could pretend this day never happened.

“Hey, blockhead,” Leslie called out from across the cafeteria, making me vow to tell anyone who would listen about when she threw up after her first time watching a five-year-old eat his own booger. Note to self: get more embarrassing stories about my best friend, pronto.

“Seriously? Can we pretend today never happened and we came here to ogle hotties in lab coats and scrubs?” I asked as a nurse strutted past us and put a bit more swagger into his walk. Yum.

“Nope. But I will let it go for now. Was the doctor cute at least?”

“There’s my bestie. Always about trying to get some action! And to answer your question, he was all right. But definitely an omega, and so not my type.”

Her eyes widened, and a slow smirk grew. “Omega? Oh, mama likes them smart and steamy. Show me.”

I laughed at Leslie. “Sorry, hun. From the ring on the finger, the bump of his belly, and mark on the neck, that omega was spoken for and very happily so.”

“Figures. Oh well. One day I will meet the omega of my dreams. Maybe they’re too busy creating the next medical breakthrough. Or discovering life on Mars.”

All I could do was shake my head. Yes, one day it will happen but for now, I need food. “Did you want to grab something to eat?” I motioned toward the prepackaged sandwiches. “Or should we go grab something from the café, perhaps?”

“Um, yeah. Let’s go with the café. I would die for one of those delicious flatbreads they had the other day.”

Leslie and I grabbed our stuff and started toward the door. As we reached the exit, we saw two alphas standing near the doors, and my world stopped.

Growing up, we were told of the moment your soul recognized its fated. And everything I was warned about happened. The instant connection pulling me to them and the heat of recognizing only that person could satisfy me.

What wasn’t covered was what to do when the fated got a look on their face like the worse news was delivered to them and took off running in the other direction.

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About the Author:

Katy Manz has always dreamed of being a romance writer. She wanted to bring the stories created in her mind to a world of readers that would fall in love with her characters as much as she has. Keep a look out for more books in this series and future series to come.

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Release & Instagram & Giveaway: A Foot in the Door by Vinni George

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Release & Instagram Tour & Giveaway:
A Foot in the Door
By Vinni George

A Foot in the Door Ebook

Open Doors, Book 3

The student…

If he wants a job when he finishes grad school, Tanner Brown needs to get a foot in the door. But when he arrives at the country’s largest statistics conference to find he has nowhere to stay, he’s not sure it’s worth it. Especially when he realizes his hot faculty crush just witnessed his embarrassment from a front row seat.

The professor…

Dr. Beckett James is happily focused on his career until one of his former students slides into his line of sight. Tanner is brilliant and engaging, and when he ends up without a room, Beckett has no choice but to offer him a place to stay for the weekend. Even if it means testing his restraint.

The problem…

When their conference fling turns into an on-campus complication, Tanner and Beckett will have to control the variables that threaten to keep them apart or risk losing their chance at a happy ending before it’s even begun.

A Foot in the Door is the third full-length novel in the Open Doors series featuring a statistics professor who makes a mean curry, a ginger-haired student with a bright future, and an offer neither can refuse.

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About the Author

Vinni George has been a lover of romance novels (of all shapes, sizes, and colors) since she first got her hands on one of her grandmother’s Harlequins and has never looked back. She lives in Ohio with her two favorite guys (her husband and son) and, hopefully—one day—a dog. When not writing her own stories, she can be found helping to polish other people’s novels. In her spare time, Vinni dabbles in performance art, quilting, and various culinary pursuits and enjoys traveling.

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Release & Instagram Tour with a Giveaway: No Surrender (Badlands #5) by Morgan Brice

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Release Tour & Giveaway:
No Surrender (Badlands #5)
By Morgan Brice

No Surrender small

A Badlands Novel (Book 5)

Cold cases, hot leads, a psychic psychopath, a copycat killer, cursed objects, the trial of the century–and wedding plans.

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and sexy homicide detective Vic D’Amato met hunting a supernatural serial killer. Since then, Simon has become a police consultant on cases involving the paranormal, and Vic has gotten over his doubts about Simon’s abilities being real. Along the way, they fell in love and got engaged. But it seems like the danger never ends.

Now, the first case Simon and Vic worked together comes back to haunt them as the killer goes to court and all hell breaks loose. The killer has a crazy fan setting curses on key players in the upcoming trial. Ghosts from an old cold case suggest that someone got away with murder. And a supernatural creature attracted to fear and death is using the Grand Strand as its feeding ground. Simon and Vic feel like they’re waging a war on all fronts, but with the stakes so high, there can be No Surrender!

No Surrender is a fast-paced thrill ride MM paranormal romance packed with supernatural suspense, haunted tourist attractions, monsters, visions, hot sex, hurt/comfort, loyal friends, wedding planning, found family, ghosts galore, dark magic, and an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

No Surrender is Book 5 in the Badlands series but can be read as a standalone.

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About the Author:

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!

Author Links

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Forever, Con Amor by A.M. Johnson

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Forever, Con Amor
By A.M. Johnson


For Him, Book 4


I never in a million years thought I would want a guy who smells like a tree and probably hugs them on the daily, but alas, you’ve somehow snuck your sexy, khaki-covered ass into my life. It doesn’t help that we’re stuck living in this apartment together for God knows how long, but I can’t stop thinking about that kiss. I know I said it was one and done, and maybe that’s the smart thing to do since I’m not convinced of your emotional availability. Maybe I’m a masochist. Or, maybe I might kind of like you. I said what I said.

No regrets, Marcos~



Your ability to simultaneously compliment and insult me is probably one of my favorite things about you. I think it’s part of your charm. Does that make me a masochist as well? I definitely like to torture myself. The night I kissed you, I knew it had the potential to push you away, but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting you. I still can’t. You can flirt and bully me all you like. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve finally found my home, and it’s here. And just in case you need me to be more specific, I like you too.

Forever, con amor…


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FCA 1 Teaser 3


I scrolled through the app feed, looking at pictures of well-placed books, and poses, and puckered, bored expressions. Why were all my friends so pretentious? I flipped to my profile. God, why was I so pretentious? I snapped a quick selfie and stared at it. My dark curls were wayward at best, my face was makeup free, the bridge of freckles, marching over my nose were on full display. I looked like shit. Hungover and tired. I didn’t think a twenty-four-year-old was supposed to look haggard.

“No more booze,” I whispered to myself and posted the picture to my feed with the hashtags late night and worth it.

The last one was a lie. The club scene, as fun as it could be, had started to wear out its welcome. I set my phone on the mattress and got out of bed. My bones ached as I stretched them over my head and yawned. Definitely not worth it. Swearing when I caught a look at the clock on the nightstand, I rummaged through my closet faster than I liked and decided on cut-off shorts and a vintage Suzanne Vega t-shirt. Slipping my feet into my Bella Lou gladiator sandals, I thought I looked decent enough for the halls of my shitty little state college.

I grabbed my phone and was about to put it into my back pocket when I remembered why I’d opened Instagram in the first place. My thumb swiped over the smooth glass, the screen lighting up as I flipped to the account I had checked every morning since last November. It was an addiction, at least that sounded better than calling myself a stalker. It wasn’t my fault his feed was aesthetically pleasing and that the random shit he posted made me want to unravel him even more. His personality was a mystery. It by no means meant I wanted him.


Chance Davenport aka @a_twist_0f_fate and conveniently the new director at Pride House, the youth shelter where I happened to volunteer my time. This was all Parker’s fault, if I were being honest. He worked at Pride House, too, and every year the staff and residents put together and performed a play for charity. Last year I helped Parker out with the annual production, designing costumes and lending my makeup expertise. I’d thought I’d do my part and be done, working with kids wasn’t my thing. I was a design major, for fuck’s sake. But once I’d started and met the residents, I’d never admit it to a single soul, but I was smitten. The kids reminded me so much of myself at their age. Like me, these kids had been forced into the system and onto the streets by families who’d rather disown their blood than have a kid in the alphabet mafia. Every experience was different, every life unique, but I saw myself in their eyes. The hunger. The fear. The things we’d had to do to survive. Shit like that bruised you in places no one would ever see.

Chance hadn’t posted any hashtags, just a picture and his usual quote of the day. Today it was something from Aristotle.

One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

I stared at the simple snapshot of a river, the Spanish moss hung low from the branches of a tree, skimming the surface of the water. The sun hadn’t quite fully risen, the air steaming along the bank. I wondered if he’d taken the picture today. Had he woken up early with the intention of capturing this moment? Did he live near the river? Had he camped there overnight? Was he alone? And more importantly, why in the hell would anyone get up that early on purpose? The man was a riddle, and goddammit, I was going to figure him out.

“Are you stalking my boss again?” Parker asked and I almost dropped my phone.

¡Dios mío! You’re lucky I didn’t hit you and spill that coffee all over your frat boy gym shorts.” I put my phone in my pocket and he handed me a paper to-go cup, the sides almost too hot to hold. “Haven’t I taught you how to knock?”

“You mean like the time you didn’t knock when I was taking a shit last week, or when you didn’t knock and caught Van giving me head, or the time when—”

“I got it. You really should learn to lock a door. I’ve become way too familiar with your dick.”

“You’re welcome.” He smirked and sipped from his own cup. “What did he post today?”

“I don’t know?” I lied and snuck past him, heading for the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Right on my heels, Parker followed me, and I started to regret how I used to do the same shit to him. And by used to, I meant that I still did, almost every day, pester him incessantly, but whatever. I set my cup on the counter and grabbed my toothbrush. He leaned in the doorway, running a hand through his short blond hair, and watched me with his shrewd blue eyes.


“What?” I mumbled around my toothbrush before spitting into the sink.

“Chance. What did he post today?”

“God, you’re annoying.”

He smiled at me as I turned back to the sink. “You like him.”

“I don’t like anyone.”

“You like me.”


He laughed and took a sip of coffee before he spoke again. “You like him. He’s got the whole quiet, introverted, more than meets the eye, big lumberjack vibe. It’s hot. I get it.”

“Lumberjack? You mean tree-hugging hippy vibe.”

“I don’t think hippies have muscles like that, Basulto.”

I rolled my eyes and wiped my mouth. “He probably lives in a tent and eats kale.”

“You eat kale.”

“Never. Take that back.”

Cracking up, he held his stomach as I tapped my toothbrush against the sink with more aggression than necessary and put it away. “You look at his Instagram every day and don’t even lie. I’ve seen you do it in class. You tease him like it’s your life goal to make the man feel insecure about everything he wears. Which, by the way, the fact he hasn’t fired me for originally asking you to volunteer in the first place is a testament to his loyalty.”

“I don’t like him.” I pushed past him, almost spilling my coffee. “He’s like forty.”

He chuckled and followed me into the living room. “He’s thirty-five, I think, only a couple of years older than Van. Thank you very much. God, you’re basically the gay equivalent of that boy everyone warns their daughters about. The one who pulls pigtails because he has a crush.”

“Do not lump me into some toxically masculine, heteronormative urban legend.” Annoyed, I grabbed my bag from the floor and hauled it over my shoulder.

Smiling, he said, “You’re a bully.”

“I hate you.”

“I speak the truth.” His grin was jubilant, and dammit I hated how right he was.

Did I like Chance’s perpetual state of khaki, utility pockets, and faded Earth Day t-shirts? Fuck no. The man had zero style. He literally smelled like clay. Or maybe it was rain. Mixed with sweat and sandalwood, or maybe pine, fuck, it was some type of wood.  I had no idea. But Madre de Díos it smelled amazing. And no, I would never ever speak those words out loud to a single soul. Not even to my best friend because it would give him a lifetime supply of bullshit to throw my way, and my complexion couldn’t handle that many frown lines. And maybe he was built like a god and had blue eyes that saw right through me. And yeah, he had weathered-looking hands I might’ve had fantasies about, and sure, he’d spent the majority of his adult life working in other countries, donating his time to service, helping humanity like the hippy he’d been born to be, but that didn’t mean I had to fuck the guy. He was sure in his skin. Maybe I found all of that attractive. It didn’t mean I had a crush. Besides, no one was perfect. He had to have flaws beyond his sad wardrobe. I just had to find them.

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About the Author:

Amanda is an award winning and best selling author of LGBTQIA and contemporary romance and fiction. She lives in Utah with her family where she moonlights as a nurse on the weekends and hikes in the mountains as much as possible.

If she’s not busy with her three munchkins, you’ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard where she explores the human experience through the written word, exploring all spectrums and genres.

She’s obsessed with all things Hockey, Austen, and Oreos, and loves to connect with readers!

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Instagram @am_johnson_author

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Grayality by Carey PW

Grayality CR Banner

Cover Reveal & Giveaway:
By Carey PW

Grayality Cover

Coming July 12th

Love knows no gender.

Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their hometown in hopes for something new.

They land in Cloverleaf, a tiny rural town in Montana, so that Oakley can care for his granny who is battling breast cancer. She pressures the two young men to enroll in a nearby college. Pate immediately becomes enthralled with Maybelle, a young, vivacious freshman to whom he fears revealing his transgender identity. Still, he finds it impossible to resist Maybelle, even after he meets her ex, Bullet, a large, violent man determined to keep Pate away from “his girl.”

But there are others who accept Pate immediately, like Stormy. An outdoorsy, rugged freshman, Stormy warns Pate away from Maybelle and Bullet, but Pate’s too infatuated to heed these warnings.

Oakley tries to support his friend’s new love but finds himself entangled in his own emotional calamity when he unintentionally falls for Jody, a gay and ostentatiously confident drag queen. This new relationship awakens deep, internal conflicts in Oakley as he struggles to accept his bisexuality, lashing out at Pate and causing friction between him and Jody.

Oakley must decide if he can overcome his insecurities so he doesn’t lose the love of his life. And Pate must discover if the love between him and Maybelle is strong enough for her to accept him as a transgender man, or if she will break his heart.

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Grayality CR 3

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Carey PW Twitter

About the Author:

Carey PW (he/they) is a debut author, college instructor, and mental health counselor. Carey is currently completing his next manuscript, Acing the Game. This novel follows Shep, an asexual, transgender person who convinces his husband Elmer to seek a third to join their marriage because Shep fears that he cannot satisfy Elmer, and the adventure begins.

Carey lives in Montana, and identifies as nonbinary, transmasculine (AFAB) and panromantic asexual. Due to the lack of resources in rural communities, Carey has discovered that writing about his lived experiences is a therapeutic outlet for him and hopes that his readers relate to his own personal struggles shared through his characters’ narratives. Carey is particularly interested in exploring relationship conflicts around sexuality and gender differences. Carey has also worked as a high school writing instructor and college writing instructor, earning a B.A. in English Literature, a M.Ed. in English Education, and Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education all from the University of Georgia. In 2020, Carey earned his second M.Ed. in Counselor Education.

Readers can learn more about Carey from his blog, When he is not writing, Carey is busy training for marathons, sharing his culinary talents on social media, and watching horror movies.

Connect with Carey:
Instagram – @careypatrickwertz
Twitter – @CareyPW2


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Embrace Me by Beck Grey

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Embrace Me By Beck Grey

Embrace Me Cover

Love in the Pacific Northwest, Book 2


After a nasty breakup with my manipulative ex, I returned home to Seattle to lick my wounds. I’m done with relationships. From now on I’m focusing on my career.

There are just a few problems with this.

One, it’s not that easy for a Deaf man to succeed in a Hearing world, even with the right degree and experience.

Two, Quinn MacDougall. He’s my co-worker. He’s also incredibly talented, driven, and distractingly handsome.

Three, he’s hearing. And that’s the biggest problem of all. Can someone who isn’t Deaf ever truly understand and accept me?



Nothing is more important to me than family, and someday I’ll have my own. Well, I will, If I can ever find the right guy. Sadly, I can’t seem to make family and romance mesh. So for now, I’m concentrating on my career and getting a promotion at work. That is until my company hires a hot-shot architect with all the right credentials to easily snag the position.

I should resent him, but Tadhg Byrne is supremely talented and incredibly sweet. He’s also drop-dead gorgeous. And even though we have a ton in common I can’t ask him out. Why? We work together, and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

Plus, there’s the communication issue. He’s Deaf, my ASL is rusty as hell, and he’s just been through a really bad breakup. How could I possibly convince him to take a chance again with me?

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To say it had surprised me to see the hot guy from the coffee shop at my new job is an understatement. Quinn. His name is Quinn. And he’s adorable. Wait, no. He isn’t adorable. The way he’d concentrated on signing had been adorable. Okay, not adorable. It had been nice. Or fine, even. Yeah, definitely just fine. And there’s nothing wrong with professional interest. Which obviously is all this is. My heart is racing because of first-day nerves. That’s totally understandable and has nothing to do with the almost frightening level of attraction I’m feeling. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Fine. He’s attractive. But under no circumstances will I do anything about it. I don’t need that complication. No hookups, no dating, no relationship. I’m fine just as things are. Plus Quinn doesn’t know ASL. Okay, he seems to know the basics, but I have no interest in playing instructor. Not with ASL, anyway. Wait! Jesus, what is wrong with me? Even thinking about that with a coworker, especially one I just met, is supremely stupid. I watch Quinn leave and remind myself he’s a distraction, no matter how hot he is. But damn, Quinn MacDougall is very hot. In fact, he ticks all my boxes. Tall? Check. He’s at least six-feet. Blue eyes? Check. They are a beautiful deep blue, and I could lose myself in their velvety depths. Even his dark red hair and smattering of freckles work for me. And Fit? Dear god, check. Quinn has the broad chest, back, and seriously wide shoulders of a swimmer. I’ll bet he’s a breaststroke man. I very purposely do not imagine him in a competition speedo. Walking around the office with a hard-on would not be a good idea.
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About the Author

Beck Grey is an LGBTQ romance author who lives in the Northeastern United States with their partner and two adorable dogs. Weekdays are passed spending their employer’s money. Evenings and weekends are devoted to writing stories involving hot characters, favorite tropes, and happily ever afters.

Any additional time is spent laughing with friends, drinking red wine, printing and painting minis, and playing D&D. There might even be video games. If there’s cake involved at any point it’s a win!

Connect with Beck: Twitter: @BeckGreyWrites FB Group: Beck’s Blanket Fort Pinterest boards for Beck’s books: @Beck_Grey IG: beckgreyauthor


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Real Risk by Elle Keaton

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Real Risk
By Elle Keaton

Real Risk Ebook New

West Coast Forensics, Book 3

It’s possible they’re a match but first the two men will have to survive trial by fire.

Chief Flynn is fighting smoke and flames, tirelessly protecting the lives and property of his fellow islanders from yet another spate of fires.

Arson or accident?

When injury puts him on the sidelines, West Coast Forensics Arson Investigator Kimball Frye offers his assistance. Frye is The Most Irritating Man in the World, a condescending know-it-all who rubs Devon the wrong way.

Or does he?

Decades ago an arsonist stole his family from him since then Frye has devoted his life to putting them behind bars. At forty-nine, he doesn’t believe in permanent relationships, instead preferring the company of interchangeable younger men.

Is the arsonist trying to shift the blame onto Devon, or trying to kill him? If it’s the latter it just might work.

Feeling the pull of attraction to Devon as the firebug grows bolder is inconvenient. Will Kimball listen to his heart or his head? The younger men he’s always preferred are nothing like the solid, stalwart Fire Chief.

Real Risk is the third in the West Coast Forensics series and can be read as a standalone but may be enjoyed more if you read the Real Trouble and Real Danger first. It is dual POV following Devon Flynn and Kimball Frye as they bicker and fumble their way to their happily ever after.

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Was it weird he was irritated Flynn hadn’t called him about the fires, yet he still wanted to make sure the man ate a square meal? Probably. Too bad. Kimball was hungry, and he might as well make enough for two.

Five minutes later, the shower was still running, and Kimball was texting Birdy.

K: What does Flynn like to eat?

B: Hi Kimball.

K: Hey Birdy. There’s no food here.

B: I noticed when I was there.

K: Is there a grocery store or somewhere to order delivery?

B: The closest store is Chester’s. They’re open for another hour.

Kimball checked his watch. It was just seven p.m.

K: You guys close early here.

B: Island time. Also, winter. No decent delivery this time of year.

K: Thanks.

Kimball set his phone down and began to hunt around for a piece of paper to leave Flynn a note, but before he found either, Devon reappeared. He was toweling his hair dry and had changed into worn, form-fitting Levi’s and a long-sleeved navy Henley. Where Kimball’s hair had turned white when he was in his thirties, Devon’s was jet black with just a few silver streaks at his temples, and his skin was several shades darker than Kimball’s. He looked better after his shower but still tired, circles pronounced under red-rimmed eyes. His feet were bare, and Kimball couldn’t help but notice his long toes, the second toe longer than the first.

“What are you doing?”

Still grouchy, then.

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About the Author:

Elle Keaton writes contemporary gay romance and MM romantic suspense set in the Pacific Northwest. Elle’s books are known for their hot mm romance, complex characters, and unique sense of place. The men start out broken, and maybe they’re still banged up by the end, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle published first in 2017, now she has over seventeen books available for you to read or listen to.

She loves cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with ballpoint pen.

Love always wins, thank you for supporting this indie author!

Connect with Elle:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Woodcarver’s Model by Peter E. Fenton

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Woodcarver’s Model
By Peter E. Fenton

978-1-83943-187-6_TheWoodcarversModel_1500x2400 (3)


Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to reveal.

Travel writer Rob Hanson has been from the summit of Mount Everest to the markets of Mogadishu. He loves adventure, he loves his job, and he loves the freedom of being single. At least that’s what he tells himself.

Everything changes when an assignment takes him to a small, idyllic west-coast island where he falls in love with the local woodcarver. From the first moment he sets eyes on Mitch, he feels like he’s found his perfect match. But things are never that simple for Rob.

Before long he finds himself involved with devious deals, jealous ex-lovers, and secrets from the past that refuse to go away. Rob knows that the only way to get what he needs is to reveal the truth. But does he have the courage to do what must be done in time to save himself and the man he loves?

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“…I hope the trip went without a hitch.”
He stopped smiling. “As hitchless as a trip can go.” Why worry her with the details? “So…any hot guys there for you?”
Here it comes. The lecture. She did this every time.
“Well, there was Abdi, but I think he was just interested in my money.”
He heard her sigh on the other end of the line. “Is it too much to ask that you find someone

and settle down? How long has it been?”
“We’re not going down that road. Not now.”
“I just want you to be happy.”
“I am happy,” he said. In my own little screwed-up way.
She wasn’t giving up. “You know what your problem is, don’t you? You’re terrified of

“That’s not true.”
“You avoid any chance of it.”
“How do you figure that?” he shot back a little too quickly.
“Well, for starters, your only close friend’s a girl, and we both know I don’t have a chance,

but you don’t have any guy friends at all… I mean, to increase your odds of a successful relationship, you have to start somewhere.”

“Don’t be silly. I have plenty of guy friends.”
“Name one.”
He struggled for a moment before coming up with, “Carl at the gym.”
“The towel guy? Do you even know his last name, or maybe where he lives, or whether

he’s a dog or a cat person?”
“Last names among gay men are not necessarily…necessary.”
“Do you have any guys you’re close to?”
“Why would I need to? I have you.”
She shot back, “I think you’re using me as a shield so you don’t leave yourself open to

meeting a guy you could fall in love with.”

“Wha… That’s crazy talk.”

Rob wasn’t ready for this conversation. Why did everyone assume that he needed a relationship? He didn’t need anyone to get in the way. And as for any physical needs… Well, if he couldn’t handle them himself, he could easily find someone who could. Like Carl from the gym. Whatever his last name was.

“Sorry, hun. I’ve got a call coming in that I have to take,” he lied. “Dinner later this week?” “Of course. Love ya.”
“Love you too.”
“Now, if only you could learn to say that to a guy.”

“Gotta go.”

He disconnected from the call. Rob took a deep breath, then took a long draw on his bottle of Wheel Rat and stared out into the harbour. I’m fine with things just the way they are.

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Peter E. Fenton 1

About the Author:

Peter E. Fenton has been working in the creative arts for over a decade. His prior work focused on writing plays and musicals including award-winning productions of The Giant’s Garden, Bemused, and Newfoundland Mary which have had professional productions across North America.

His work outside the arts includes a 42 year career in palaeontology with the Royal Ontario Museum. This job included working with rare fossils, and going on expeditions to remote locations in the Canadian Rockies, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

As retirement approached, Peter decided to draw on his many years of living, loving, and exploring and started writing in a longer form. The result is his first novel, The Woodcarver’s Model.

Peter currently resides in Toronto, Canada with his partner (who still writes plays), and is now working on a series of gay detective novels.

Connect with Peter:
Twitter: @virtualfenton
Facebook Page: