Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Shai by H.L Day writing as H.L Night

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
By H.L Day writing as H.L Night

Strength, rear view of sports man stretching out over dark backg

Malicious Gods: Egypt, Book 2

How do you play a game when there aren’t any rules?

Petty crook and drug dealer Elijah Page’s plan was simple. Stay off the feuding crime-lords’ radar for long enough to make a quick buck in the city, and then get out. He couldn’t have been more naïve. Captured and beaten by McIntyre, he escapes death, only to find himself in the hands of McIntyre’s opponent. Shai is an enigma, a man as charming as he is twisted. And he’s set his sights on possessing Elijah—body and soul.

Shai will stop at nothing until he’s ousted McIntyre. In the meantime, fate has provided him with an interesting distraction in the shape of the stubborn and rebellious Elijah. Elijah’s lips may say one thing, but his body says something else entirely. Elijah might think he has what it takes to go up against a man like Shai, but he’s wrong. He’s nothing but a fly in Shai’s web, and Shai will always be two steps ahead.

A game ensues. One that Elijah may not even realize he’s playing, or just how big a pawn he is. Everything is at stake. Possibly even his heart and mind. By the time Shai has finished with him, there might not be anything left of the man he used to be.

Let the games begin.

A dark mm romantic suspense featuring snakes as a weapon, a manipulative main character, and a few twists and turns along the way.

Welcome to the dark world of Malicious Gods: Egypt. A collection of standalone modern tales, both magical and non-magical, featuring deities from Ancient Egypt. You’ll find reincarnated Gods, assassins, gangs, madness, and different realities. Expect high heat and morally ambiguous themes. Seductive and often twisted, they are not for the fainthearted.

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A rustling at the side of the bed had me dropping my gaze to the floor in search of the snake. There was nothing to be seen, and when I looked back up it was to find a much bigger threat: Shai on the bed, moving sinuously but inexorably forward until he was almost on top of me, his thighs straddling mine.

“What the…” It was an automatic reaction to try and push him off. He laughed, grabbing my wrists and pinning them to the bed at either side of my head, his face far too close for comfort to mine as he loomed over me. “Eli-jah!” He stretched out the syllables, the way someone might if they were reprimanding a naughty child. “Let me tell you one major difference between myself and McIntyre.”

I gave up on struggling. It wasn’t getting me anywhere. His grip was far too sure. I stared up at him, a faint scent wafting from him that I couldn’t identify. It wasn’t unpleasant though, far from it. That was another difference between him and McIntyre, but I wasn’t about to share it with him. “Get off me.”

He ignored the demand, his ass settling on my naked crotch as his fingers tightened around my wrists even more. “McIntyre needs everyone to say yes to him. Whereas I like a fight. I like a challenge.” He licked his lips, his expression changing to something decidedly languorous. “Are you going to give me a fight? Or is it a case of all bark and no bite with you? Don’t disappoint me, Elijah. Never disappoint me.”

There was a veiled threat there somewhere, but my thoughts were too chaotic to be able to work out exactly what it was. He ground down, the rough material of his jeans rubbing provocatively against my naked groin, and I got it. Fuck! No, not that. I’d endured multiple beatings at the hands of McIntyre, but none of the men there had ever come close to showing a sexual interest in me. They’d had female whores for that, some who’d even proved themselves good enough to survive the night. I gritted my teeth, putting all the venom into my voice that I could as I bucked up in an effort to dislodge him. “Get the fuck off me!”

I was subjected to another laugh, my feeble attempts to get free seeming to amuse him greatly. I wasn’t a weakling. Or at least I hadn’t been before spending time in McIntyre’s compound, but Shai was bigger than I was, and far more toned, and he hadn’t spent the past however many days recovering from a near drowning. I didn’t stand a chance.

“I thought you wanted water?”

I stilled again. In my panic at realizing his intentions, I’d almost forgotten. I glared at him, hoping my absolute hatred was easy to read.

He gave another smile, this one full of triumph. “I’m going to let go of your arms and you’re going to leave them exactly where they are. Understand?”

Then, how the fuck was I going to be able to drink water? I didn’t voice my question, settling for a weak nod.

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About the Author:

H.L Night

About H.L. Night:

H.L Night is the darker alter-ego of H.L Day.
They’re still juggling teaching and writing but in a more sinister way with a much bigger moustache and more cape twirling. They’re still working on their evil laugh.

Connect with the Author:
My FB group Day’s Den –
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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Schooled by Jeff Adams

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Schooled
By Jeff Adams


Codename: Winger, Book 2

Secret agent and teenage computer genius Theo Reese lives in two separate worlds—and they’re about to collide.

Theo’s high school computer science club is gearing up for a competition, and Theo agrees to lend his knowledge of cybersecurity to help them win. The covert agency he works for also needs his talents. An encrypted key that allows access to the nation’s electrical grid has been stolen. Theo’s skills are crucial in its recovery before disaster strikes.

When the file shows up at the competition as one of those to be decoded, Theo must find a way to be both an average high school student and Winger, his secret identity. The file must be secured—all while protecting his teammates from those who will use any means necessary to get the file for themselves.

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“It’s reasonable to believe that the person who wants this file decrypted is here,” Dad said. “They wouldn’t allow it to be opened and then leave it on a server as part of a competition.”

“Unless someone at the school that submitted it plans to transfer the file directly from here.” I agreed with Dad, but we had to consider a transfer might happen from here even if it would put the data into the open. “Of course, the way the competition computers are connected, a transfer wouldn’t be the easiest thing either. Doc, do you see anyone else in the system like you are?”

“No. And we’re monitoring for that.”

“What’s the plan, Doc?” Dad’s question surprised me because he was the senior agent present.

“With so many students and other civilians nearby, I’m tempted to suggest the plan Theo threw out with Dean earlier—do nothing, let no one hack the file, and let the competition end. The other schools are continuing to stay away from it. Meanwhile, we work to find who’s behind it and apprehend them while they’re close.”

I didn’t like it. There was no guarantee we could find who put the file here before the competition ended. We had the chance to put a stop to this now, and it felt like we should be more aggressive. Dad still didn’t speak up, so I did.

“While there are a lot of students, we also have to be aggressive and recover this file while it’s here. We still need to find out which school put it into competition. The sooner we do that the better. I’ll start talking to other competitors too and see if I can get any clues.”

I paused a moment for any discussion. When there wasn’t, I continued. “If we can’t sort it out tonight, I say Lorenzo and I hack the file in the morning and see who comes after it. Even if there are other copies in play, if we hack one, it’s a safe bet the person that put it here will want to collect it. Let’s get more agents here so we can manage whatever happens.”

Dad looked to John and they nodded. “It’s risky given our public venue, but I agree. This is the best chance we’ve got right now.” I was proud Dad agreed with me so completely. It was silly to feel that way, but I couldn’t help it.

I recognized Lorenzo’s conflicted expression. “Okay. But, above all, the safety of civilians must come first.”

“Absolutely,” Dad said.

“I need to brief Red Hat. I’ll be in touch when I know more. Winger, I’m on comms for the duration.”

“Thanks, Doc.” The video chat ended.

I looked to Dad, still confused why he wasn’t the lead.

“What?” he asked.

“Why aren’t you the mission leader?”

“While I have seniority overall, this is an IT mission. Lorenzo’s in charge unless he turns it over to someone else. As one of his senior agents, you certainly have more to say on this than we do. Make no mistake, if I had something to contribute or felt that a mistake was being made, I’d speak up. But you guys are doing fine.” He clapped me on the back.

“Yeah, you’re doing great, Theo.” John put out his fist and I bumped it.

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About the Author:

Jeff Adams has written stories since he was in middle school and became a published author in 2009 when his first short stories were published. He writes both gay romance and LGBTQ young adult fiction…and there’s usually a hockey player at the center of the story.

Jeff lives in northern California with his husband of more than twenty years, Will Knauss. Some of his favorite things include the musicals “Rent” and “[title of show],” the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey teams, and the reality TV competition “So You Think You Can Dance.” He also loves to read, but there isn’t enough space to list out his favorite books.

Jeff is the co-host of the “Big Gay Fiction Podcast,” a weekly show devoted to gay romance as well as pop culture. New episodes come out every Monday at

You can find out more about Jeff’s books at

Connect with Amy:
Jeff (& Will’s) PodCast’s Instagram:


Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway: Center Court by Brooke Edwards


Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Center Court
By Brooke Edwards

Book 1

Order of Play, Book 1

The world of men’s professional tennis has been ruled by the same six men for more than a decade. There have been a handful of shock upsets and victories snatched by underdogs, but they’re few and far between. Now, the next generation are done being denied and have come knocking.

When the time comes, Soren Norgaard knows that the world expects him to lead the charge and take his place at the top of his sport. He’s focused and lethal on the court, until he isn’t. Sometimes the past, no matter how comfortable and familiar, doesn’t fit anymore and needs to be left behind. Soren’s past doesn’t want to let him go, but his future is coming fast whether he’s ready or not.

Elias Engström has been in love with Soren for as long as he has known him. The race for titles, for glory and their day in the spotlight has always been less all-consuming because he knows that there is an entire life stretching out when he leaves the court for the last time. A life that, for the first time, might include Soren in the way Elias wants him. Everything he wants is within reach, if Elias is willing to fight for it.

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Cover Reveal Excerpt:

There had been two seats open for him when he’d returned to the court, and Elias had been torn.

Levi Bauer is by all accounts, including Elias’s, his best friend on the tour. They have known each other for the better part of the last fifteen years. He is a regular fixture in Levi’s box at games, especially finals.

In comparison, he has only known Soren Norgaard the last nine years.

Elias has also been in love with him that entire time.

He ends up in Soren’s box for the last six games and resigns himself to Levi giving him grief for it for the foreseeable future. He can’t even find it in him to dread it, not when Soren turns to the box with his sweat-slick hair sticking up, flushed cheeks, and a beaming smile as the umpire calls, “Six–three, seven–five, Norgaard!”

The only reason Elias makes eye contact with Levi, is that Levi is beside Soren, their arms slung about each other’s shoulders as they lean their heads together. He shrugs one shoulder as Levi raises an eyebrow pointedly, rolling his eyes.

What can he say? He’s always been led by his heart, especially where Soren is concerned.

When he shifts his gaze back to Soren, his bright eyes are waiting and his smile softens into something smaller, more private. Soren has stepped away from Levi’s side to allow him to shake the umpire’s hand first, and Levi is out of Elias’s direct line of sight, which is a relief. He doesn’t need to give the Austrian more ammunition.

Elias’s own smile softens too, and he prays that none of the cameras catch the undoubtedly smitten look on his face as Soren breaks their eye contact to shake the umpire’s hand and move back to his bench. He’s never been able to control it, and it doesn’t matter how many times Levi tries to convince him he has a better poker face than he thinks, he is sure his feelings for Soren are written all over in neon lights.


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About the Author:

Brooke Edwards is an Australian LGBTQ+ author and dreamer who got her start in fanfiction, and then started listening to the people in her head and writing up the incident reports afterwards. She’s a disaster masquerading as a functional adult, addicted to coffee and hopelessly obsessed with her dog.

Connect with Brooke:
Instagram: @brookeedwardsauthor
Twitter: @brookeedwardsau



Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Beta’s Vampire by Beth Laycock


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Beta’s Vampire
By Beth Laycock

Beta-s-Vampire Cover

Penhul Pack, Book 2

Beta of the Penhul pack with a vampire? Over his dead body.

Lucian is bored. After a century of being a vampire nothing surprises him anymore. Life, such as his can be called one, has become predictable. Humans are predictable. Add in the fact he’d rather not feed from them, and a visit with a witch friend of his clan is a welcome distraction. But when he meets Benedict it’s anything but predictable, especially when he stumbles across the man transforming into a dog before his eyes. And never in an eternity did he think he would find himself wanting to drink the mutt’s blood.

As beta of the Penhul pack, Benedict knows pack comes first, like having to spend weeks away in the Lake District on pack business. But the last thing Benedict expects to find when he returns is his brother having found his fated mate, or worse, a vampire feeding from his witch. His homecoming definitely won’t go down as his finest moment, and he’s certainly not prepared for his reaction to the bloodsucker.

Can Benedict see past their differences and put aside his prejudices of vampires? Or will his choice of mate cost him his pack?

This MM romance from Beth Laycock features enemies to lovers, fated mates, a vampire with an aversion to feeding on humans, a sexy man that can shift into an adorable dog, and of course a HEA. The Beta’s Vampire is the second book in the Penhul pack series and should be read in order.

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Special Release Excerpt:

Because for a moment I’d forgotten he was a bloodsucker. He had been just a guy I was attracted to. Except he wasn’t, because I’d never shared my familiar side with anyone outside of my pack. Not even the few witches I’d fucked knew that I was a familiar.

Shit. I dropped the desk panel I’d been trying to attach to the back piece and clasped my hand.

Lucian darted back into the shop at the clatter, then stopped dead. He inhaled, loud and deep, his head dropping back as his nostrils flared. His gaze zeroed in on where I held my hand, and there was definite fang showing when he licked his lips. “What—?” he croaked before he froze, no longer breathing if his stilled chest was any indicator. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. The edge of the panel is rough and I dragged my hand over it by accident.” Despite holding my hand over the cut across my palm, I could feel the blood flowing from the gash. A drop fell onto my chinos, the dark red spot standing out starkly against the cream material. I felt a rush of air, and when I glanced up, Lucian was crouched in front of me, closer than I expected.

His entire focus was on my hand, head bent and his blond hair spilling over his forehead, hiding his face from me. “Lucian?”

He raised his head and swallowed thickly. Our gazes met before he closed his eyes as though he was in pain. “I have to go.”


His eyes flew open and he clenched his jaw. I stared at the muscle in his cheek as it ticced, fascinated by it.

Through gritted teeth, he said, “Why do you think?”

“But I’m a familiar. Can you feed on familiars?”

He closed his eyes again as though trying to control himself. “I don’t know, having never done it. But the scent of your blood…” As his words trailed off, he swallowed again before opening his eyes and meeting my gaze.

And I don’t know why, but I sat up on my knees, and when my inner dog whimpered, I pushed it. “The scent of my blood, what?”

He ran his tongue over one of his fangs and then rolled it as if he was tasting the air. “The scent of your blood is intoxicating. I’ve never wanted to taste someone so much.


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Beth Laycock

About the Author:

Beth Laycock’s books are influenced by her time living overseas as well as the gritty, urban landscape of the north of England where she grew up. She has been reading romance since she was old enough to tell herself that line every book lover does—just one more chapter.

As a teenager, she attempted to write her first novel, and many more since then are still gathering dust on her bookshelf. It wasn’t until she discovered the M/M genre that her muse showed up and refused to quit telling her stories about beautiful men finding love together. She hasn’t stopped scribbling them down since.

Beth’s muse usually shows up when she is in the shower, is allergic to cleaning, rarely lets her watch TV, and insists she drinks copious amounts of coffee so she can turn caffeine into words.

Beth’s books range from sweet to sexy, long to short, contemporary to paranormal, but a HEA is always guaranteed.

Connect with Beth:
Facebook Profile:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Twitter: @bethlaycock_
Amazon page:

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Book Blast and Excerpt: Tracker Hacker by Jeff Adams


Book Blast and Excerpt:
Tracker Hacker
By Jeff Adams


Codename: Winger, Book 1

High school student. Hockey player. Computer whiz kid. Covert agent?

At sixteen, Theo Reese is the youngest agent for Tactical Operational Support. His way with computers makes him invaluable. He designs new gadgets, helps agents in the field (including his parents), and works to keep the TOS network safe. When a hacker breaches the system TOS uses to track agents, Theo is put to the test like never before.

Thrust from behind the safety of his desk, Theo must go into the field to put a stop to the hack. It’s personal too because one of the agents who has gone missing is his father. And just to make it more interesting, he’s got to keep everything a secret from his boyfriend and teammates.

Can Theo get the job done, save his dad, and make things good with his boyfriend?

This edition includes the short story A Very Winger Christmas, a Codename: Winger bonus mission: Christmas is a time for family and friends, but teenage secret agent Theo Reese must solve a mysterious hack before he can enjoy Reese family holiday traditions and deliver a gift to his boyfriend, Eddie. Can he avert an international incident and save Christmas before time runs out?

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After practice I had a secure message on my phone from Mom saying she and Joanna wanted to talk to me. Joanna and Mom? That was a weird combination. The message was from Mom, but I couldn’t remember a time they’d talked to me together. Even if I was working on a mission with Mom and Dad, Lorenzo usually did the tech briefing.

I hurriedly stripped off the top half of my pads, grabbed my phone from the locker, and went into the hallway. Looking around, I called Mom on her regular line so she could get Joanna and call me back.

“Theo, hi,” Mom said.

“I just got out of practice and saw the message.”

“Can I call you back? I’m in the middle of something here.”

“Sure can. I’ll keep the phone close.”

We hung up, and she immediately sent me a secure text telling me she’d get Joanna and call right back.

While I waited, I looked through my TOS email, and there was nothing out of the ordinary. They’d managed to talk to 223 agents of the nearly 400 who were off-grid. They continued the work to contact the others. Some were on leave, and that occasionally made them more difficult to reach. There were twenty-seven off-grid agents that were of concern.

The phone vibrated in my hand and I answered immediately.

“Winger. This is Red Hat.”

“Winger. This is Snowbird.”

“Hey.” I sounded upbeat as if I might be talking to a friend. “I’m just off the ice and not able to talk much but wanted to check in.”

“Understood,” Red Hat said. “Snowbird, I’ll let you take it from here.”

“Winger, we thought it was important to let you know some news sooner rather than later.” Her breath caught. Mom was upset. What happened? “Defender is missing.”

I slumped against the wall. My hand holding the phone dropped to my side and bounced off the cinder blocks. My legs threatened to buckle, but I managed to remain standing. I composed myself, walked farther away from the locker room to lessen the chance of someone hearing, and raised the phone again.

“Sorry.” My voice cracked in the middle of the word, making it sound like a whimper.

“It’s okay.” I’d never heard Joanna sound upset, which only made this worse. “He’s one of the agents that went off-grid last night in the takeover.”

“No,” I said softly.

Even when Dad was in trouble before, TOS had always known where he was. Now he was missing, and it was my fault. I hadn’t moved fast enough.




About the Author:

Jeff Adams has written stories since he was in middle school and became a published author in 2009 when his first short stories were published. He writes both gay romance and LGBTQ young adult fiction…and there’s usually a hockey player at the center of the story.

Jeff lives in northern California with his husband of more than twenty years, Will Knauss. Some of his favorite things include the musicals “Rent” and “[title of show],” the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey teams, and the reality TV competition “So You Think You Can Dance.” He also loves to read, but there isn’t enough space to list out his favorite books.

Jeff is the co-host of the “Big Gay Fiction Podcast,” a weekly show devoted to gay romance as well as pop culture. New episodes come out every Monday at

You can find out more about Jeff’s books at

Connect with Amy:
Jeff (& Will’s) PodCast’s Instagram:


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Lucky Seven by E. L. Esch

Lucky Seven Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Lucky Seven
By E. L. Esch


Dante Mathers has forced himself to go out with girls in the past and he does it again when he’s approached by the beautiful Serena one day on campus, desperate to prove to himself that he’s “normal.” But when he loses a drinking contest and is dared to go to the next campus LGBTQ meeting by his best friend, he’s not sure how to handle it. Sure, he could blow it off, but something nagging at the back of his mind compels him to go anyway. After all, his secret first crush was a boy in high school. But is he really forcing himself to go, or is he finally starting to be honest with himself? No need to overthink this, Dante tells himself. It’ll be get in, get out. No need to talk to anyone. Easy, right?

Then he meets Sven. Sexy, toned, wearing a leather jacket with spiked up bleach-blond hair, Sven’s bad-boy flare sticks out on campus and catches Dante’s eye. But there’s more to Sven than his punkish looks, and Dante’s about to find out all the sultry little details.

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LS_Teaser 1


She was the most stunning woman I’d ever seen, with skin as white and smooth as a fresh blanket of snow and hair that reminded me of rivers made of the finest silk. Deep, dark rivers the color of a raven’s wings.

She carried herself like a proud lioness—the most regal of the pride, the leader of the hunts on the African plain and the one the other females all revered for her strength and grace. An air of majesty radiated from her as she sat on the stone edge of the fountain in the campus square. Poise practically oozed from her when she crossed her legs and brushed straight her dress.

It was a rich plum purple, her dress. She was wearing a matching shrug with a maize-colored shirt underneath—very classy looking. Silver hoops dangled from her ears, catching the sunlight and sparkling when she ran her hand through her hair. She had large shoulders for a girl, but it didn’t make her look odd. It suited her in a strange way.

I’d never seen her on campus before. New enrollee? I wanted to ask, but for some reason I found her entirely unapproachable. Maybe it was because I couldn’t see her eyes—covered by sunglasses—so I wasn’t sure what kind of mood she was in today. With my luck she was having her monthly gift, and the last thing she wanted was to be approached by some strange guy and asked a bunch of small-talk questions.

What would I talk with her about in depth anyway? Sure I found her pretty, but what could a gem like her and a plain guy like me have in common?

In my pocket, my phone beeped twice. Shit, I was going to be late for a meeting if I didn’t hurry. I looked up to find the coal-haired woman, but she’d disappeared from her seat at the fountain. I shrugged, not too crestfallen. I’d lost my chance, but let’s face it—I wouldn’t have taken it.

I started off toward the student union. My phone beeped again, and I stopped dead in my tracks. I suddenly remembered exactly where I was going, and a cold sweat formed on the back of my neck. Maybe I should have approached that girl, because between talking with her and going to this meeting, I wasn’t sure which was scarier.

* * * * *

 “I’m Mandy, and I’m bi.”

“My name’s Cole, and I identify as gay.”

“Terry, and if you can’t tell I’m gay, you need your brain checked, okay?”

The people in the room chuckled, and then everybody’s gaze fell on me.

“Uh…” I coughed. My throat felt like it was filled with sand, and I struggled with my next words, “I’m Dante.” That’s it, just Dante. Now move along…

Fortunately, when he realized I wasn’t going to say any more, the man next to me piped up with his introduction.

I whistled a sigh of relief. When I got out of this frigging trust circle, I was going to wring Greg’s scrawny neck!

I felt like a huge asshole sitting in this circle of ten people in a secluded underground room of the student union. They were here because they wanted to share with other people like them, to hang out and not be judged. Well, I wasn’t judging by any means, but the only reason I’d found my way to this LGBTQ meeting was because I’d lost a bet and my friend was still immature enough to find this kind of thing amusing.

The guy next to me nudged me in the shoulder, and I nearly flew ten feet out of my chair. I looked around the room. Introductions seemed to be over, and now everyone was just talking.

“You’re a fourth year, right?” he asked. His voice was smooth and rich. It reminded me of syrup, or tree sap.

“Fifth.” I swallowed. “I’m only finishing up electives this semester. I already have a job in my field.”

“Ah, must be nice.” He threw back his head over the edge of his chair and sighed. “In this little town it’s hard to find an internship close to home. I’ve been going through hell trying.” He grinned. “What’d you study?”

“Physical therapy.”

“Ah, that explains it. There are so many old folks and people who work with their backs around here. You’ll be in business for a long while yet. Or did you have plans to leave town?”

Part of me wondered if this was the kind of small talk I’d thought about making with that girl before. This guy was a hell of a lot better at it than I would’ve been. But whatever his motives, I didn’t mind. Greg was the only close friend I had on campus, and he hated talking about school life and work. The change of topic from girls and clubbing was refreshing.

“Nah, not leaving.” I shook my head. “Born and raised here in the country and no plan to leave. I stick to my roots.”

He nodded. “I feel the same.” He held out his hand to me. “James.”

“Dante.” I took his hand warmly.

“So…” James leaned back in his chair and gestured at the whole of the room. “I haven’t seen you at one of these before.”


“Hey, it’s cool if you don’t wanna talk about it. Just making an observation. No pressure.”

It certainly didn’t feel like no pressure to me, but maybe it was the overwhelming guilt that made my stomach ache like it was tangled in knots. I wasn’t going to lie—I’d been curious in the past, but nothing ever came of it. Then again, I’d never had a girlfriend either, which was why Greg had thought this would be so hilarious. I found men and women attractive in their own way, but that hardly made me gay or bisexual. Damn, if Greg knew how much stress this was really causing me inside, he’d probably look at me like I’d grown another head.

“Terry over there…” James set a hand on my shoulder and pointed to the guy who’d introduced himself earlier. “Biggest flamer in the whole damn school, and proud of it. You’ll see him at every drag show, and he’ll probably win. Sets the rest of the competition on edge, I tell ya.” He chuckled and pointed to another guy sitting three seats to my left. “The guy with the lumberjack beard is Carl. He’s quiet, not too wild. You two would probably get along.”

“Why are you telling me all this?”

James laughed. “Because you’re new, and I can tell you’re the shy type. Just put yourself out there. Nobody here bites…” He winked. “Often. Ah, I just noticed Seven is missing. Bummer. Not surprised, though. He’s a shy guy, too. He’d be the perfect one for you to talk to. Better than me.”

“Seven?” What kind of a name was that?

“Ha-ha, I know. Weird name, right? His name’s actually Sven. They accidentally added the extra E on his campus ID card his first year, friggin’ idiots. He’s been Seven ever since. Cute guy. Pretty platinum-blond hair. I’d kill to have skin as smooth and clear as his.”

I tried not to put too much interest in James’s words as he prattled on about Sven, or Seven. But even though I felt uncomfortable, the last thing I wanted to seem was rude. This guy had put himself out there to make me feel better, even though I didn’t deserve it. I couldn’t just ignore him because he wanted to talk about…other dudes.

So with as much of a polite smile as I could muster, I asked, “Is Seven your boyfriend?”

James’s eyes widened. “Seven? Hell no!” He slapped me hard on the back and doubled over laughing.

I stared at him in complete confusion, and I knew it was showing on my face. What the hell was so funny? I glanced around. No one else was listening to us, so I couldn’t tell if there was some joke I’d missed or what.

“Sorry, sorry.” James straightened. “Dunno why I found that so funny. Nah, Seven and I have just been friends since high school. Seven isn’t even gay as far as I know. He cleans up around the student union for extra cash. Lots of clubs meet down here, so he’s here a lot picking up cups that miss the trash and junk like that. He told me he was scheduled for cleaning today. Must still be in another wing.” He sighed, almost like he was disappointed by Seven’s absence.

“I see…” I paused and looked around the room again, trying not to attract anyone’s attention. “So, um,” I mumbled to James. “Is this all that happens here? People just split off into their groups and talk?”

“Nah. We have these meetings twice a semester for people who, you know, need a place to go. New people, like you.” James smiled warmly. “Sometimes we have movie night, or game night, or just get together to hang out at clubs or on campus. I can give you the campus Facebook page if you want to know when events are scheduled?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Come on. Get yourself out there, newbie. You got a phone?”

“Hey!” He practically fondled all of me to get my cell phone, which was unfortunately tucked into my back pocket. He got to it though, much to my dismay. I shuddered as he slid his hand down against my ass and slipped the phone from my pocket.

He started it up and opened a blank note. “There.” He typed a URL onto the note page, saved it, and pressed the phone into my palm. “Show up to something sometime, will ya? Even Seven comes to movie nights once in a while, and getting him out of his house is like pulling teeth.”

There was no way in good conscience I could go to any of those events. I was there on a stupid dare. Thank God my phone beeped at that moment.

“Sorry, I’ve got class.” I snatched my backpack up from where I’d set it on the floor next to my chair.

“Oh, okay. Have a good one, Dante.” James smiled and waved as I bolted out of the room. “Come to an event!”

It was a shame I couldn’t. Really it was. James was one of the nicest guys I’d met on campus. Not that I’d put myself out there to many people. James was right—I was a shy guy. I thought of that pretty girl again and sighed. I looked back at the meeting room door. Too bad. I could use more friends like James.

LS_Teaser 3

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SR & LS RB Banner Thin

About the Author:


I could copy-paste my biography from other websites, but that’s boring so instead here’s some fun facts about me:

​- I own 2 crested geckos and an axolotl. What’s an axolotl? You know Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? His design is based off one. Basically it looks like a cross between a tadpole and a wingless dragon. And they’re dumb. Very dumb. But cute!

– I have an unhealthy obsession with video games. I am an avid PC gamer, and can be found up most nights on World of Warcraft. I’m the first to admit I have a problem. For the Alliance!

​- I could probably drop a fourth of my body-weight if I stopped drinking soda, but I won’t. I’m letting myself have this one.

​- If I had a quarter for every time I swore, I’d probably be able to retire.

​- I don’t know how I started writing M/M Romance, but if I had to blame anyone it’d be my best friend for getting me hooked on Yaoi in high school. You know who your are; you did this.

Connect with Eryn:
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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Perfect Pass by R.M Neill

Perfect Pass Banner

Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Perfect Pass
By R.M Neill

The Perfect Pass FINAL (1)

The Nickel City Bandits, Book 2

Can I find the perfect love with my best friend?

Austin Maloney
Playing professional hockey has always been my goal. I need it to provide a better life for my brother. I didn’t expect my best friend to block my shot at going pro, or be the person to captain my heart. How can I juggle love and family without losing sight of my dream job?

Logan Larkman
Playing hockey as a career was never my end game. It was a way to pass time until I could pursue my philanthropic dreams. Dreams that include my best friend. I need him to realize, our chemistry on ice doesn’t stop there. How do I make a play for the perfect partner when he can’t accept me as a possibility?

This story involves friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, innuendo-filled hockey banter, including an amusing debate about NHL mascots, the cutest orange cat, ice melting heat, and an adorable grand gesture.

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His face lights up as he reaches under his seat, pulling out a little shave kit bag. Inside is a wad of bubble wrap. From all this bubble wrap, he produces his silver medal. He holds it out to me like it’s a newborn baby.

“It’s okay if you touch it.”

“Do you say that to all the boys?” I tease.

Austin rolls his eyes at me. “You know I only say that to you.”

For someone that isn’t sure how to do this with me, he’s doing a pretty good job so far of keeping up with the joking end.

I reach out and take his medal, being gentle. It’s pretty cool to be able to see something like this up close. I hand it back to him, and he starts wrapping it back up to pack safely away.

“You did great, Austin. I watched every game. It’s not gold, but shit happens. You should be proud of that.”

“I am proud. Seems weird to be proud of a silver, but god, it was so awesome, Logan. I wish you could have been there.”

The air grows a bit heavy in the truck. The sexual tension is palpable, and I can see his uncertainty about what he should do. I unbuckle and slide across the bench seat to him.

“I’m here now.”

“You are.”


He’s gazing at me with those gorgeous eyes of his, and I’ve never wanted to be with someone as much as I want to be with him right now.


I make the first move, pressing my lips to his. My tongue pokes out, licking his bottom lip gently. He tentatively gives back, nipping my lower lip and teasing with his tongue. Austin lets out a stuttering breath.

“Jesus, Logan, I feel like I’m a nervous virgin in a room full of inmates for a conjugal visit.”

“Are you comparing me to a criminal right now?” I laugh.

“No, but you make me feel like breaking all my own rules, and that terrifies me.”


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About the Author:

RM Author Image

I am a new author! My goal is to make you laugh, smile and swoon, but not necessarily in that order.
I tend to be goofy with a side dish of serious, but even then, I prefer a light hearted outlook on everything in life.
I write contemporary romance, HEA will always be guaranteed because everyone needs to be happy about something.
I spend my days drinking too much coffee and being grateful I live in a country without poisonous snakes.

Connect with R.M.:
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Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 11.04.37 am


Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Bennet, Pride Before The Fall by Anyta Sunday!


Cover Reveal & Giveaway:
Bennet, Pride Before The Fall
By Anyta Sunday


Love, Austen (Book 3)

“I want someone to want me for who I am. No changing my appearance or philosophies or principles. I need a partner to be proud of me—in public and beyond—and proud of themselves.”
“Think you’ll find it?”

~ ~ ~

Bennet had always dreamed of love. Of finding his Mr. Right.
Hell, he’d even settle for Mr. Righteous.
Who he won’t fall for, not ever? Mr. Downright Pride-less.

~ ~ ~

It’s Pride and Prejudice, complete with scumbaggery, anguished declaration of desire, meddling villagers, Karaoke, Scrabble, and Pride.

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To celebrate the Cover Reveal of Bennet, Pride Before The Fall, we are giving away a 2 e-copies of Bennet, Pride Before The Fall

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About the Author:
I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.

Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.

I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of emotion, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy.

My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Thai.

Sign up for Anyta’s newsletter and receive a free e-book:

Contact Anyta:
Join my Facebook group to chat all things Slow Burn Romance:

You can also find me here:

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Cover Illustrator: Lauren Dombrowski

Lauren Dombrowski is a comic artist and illustrator based in the Chicago area. Previous publications of their work include co-written comics in Tabula Idem: A Queer Tarot Comic Anthology published by Fortuna Media, Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 3) published by Margins Publishing, internal illustrations in Conventionally Yours, published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, and an internal illustration in Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox.


Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Getting Friendly by Saxon James

BT Banner

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Getting Friendly
By Saxon James

Getting Friendly eBook

 A Never Just Friends Novel, Book 3

When I’m looking for a hook up, I want three things:
Big, thick, and rough.
So it doesn’t make sense that I can’t get my new hire out of my head.
He’s a tiny guy with big ideas … and he’s my apprentice which means he’s completely off limits.
But he’s already under my skin.
And for the first time with any guy, I don’t think I can hold my own against him.
Physically, yes. Emotionally, no.
Auggie makes me weak.

Growing up, I always wanted to go into the family business and follow in Dad’s footsteps.
Until in my senior year of high school when he told me to find a new dream.
No one would let a small, clumsy guy like me on a construction site.
And after trying and failing for years, I was starting to believe him.
Then LJ Constructions calls me for an interview and when I meet Leon, he becomes my new dream.
He’s hot as hell, self made, and instead of putting me down, he sees what I’ve always seen in myself.
But I’m not dumb enough to throw away this one chance at my dream job, not even for him.
Not even if I really, really want to.

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GF Teaser 5

GF Teaser 4


Auggie flags down the bartender as I slide into the free stool and turn my attention to the man sitting next to me. He’s all big eyes and flushed cheeks, and when he turns his overeager attention back on me, I immediately soften toward him.

“You okay after today?” I find myself asking. I’d been prepared to ignore what happened, but I genuinely want to know.

His stare drops to the bar top. “Yeah, just one of those things, right?”

My bullshit sensors are in overload again. “Right.”

“Besides, plenty more fish in the sea …”

“I think that refers to dating.”

“Don’t see why it can’t apply here.”

Okay, he’s got me there. “True.”

When the drinks arrive, he nudges mine toward me and props his chin in his hand. “Did I stain your floor?”

“Nah. Nothing a little sanding won’t fix. Seriously, don’t worry about it.”

He watches me for a moment. “Since I’ll probably never see you again after tonight, can I tell you something?”


“I’m a total screwup,” he says on a sigh. “That’s why Dad won’t hire me and why I don’t have any references. The few places who have hired me haven’t kept me around for long, and none of them are anyone I want a potential employer talking to.”

“I kinda got the, ah, clumsy impression.”

“What could have given you that idea?” His tone is flat, even as he looks mortified.

I can’t help it—I start to laugh. “Is that how all your interviews go?”

“Only the good ones.”

“Poor Auggie.”

For some reason, the disappointment on his face melts away. “I know, feel sorry for me.”

“Nah, something tells me you’ll be okay.”

“Well, you were literally my last hope, so I’ll have to be okay doing something else with my life.”

“Oh yeah, like what?”

“Maybe I’ll take up sculpting. And be a, umm, sculp…tist?”

“I think they’re called artists.”

“Are they?”

I snort. “I don’t know. But you should probably figure it out before you print business cards.”

“I guess it’s back to the drawing board.”

I sip my drink quietly for a moment. “What do you want in a job?”

“Something physical, or at least varied. My attention span is way too short for sitting at a desk all day. Preferably outdoors.”

“What about … fisherman?”


“Sports coach?”

“As well as clumsy, I’m exceptionally uncoordinated. Next!”

“Umm … miner? Logger?”

“You’re terrible at this.”

“Remind me which of us has a job.” I keep my voice kind so I don’t bring him down again.

Auggie orders two shots, and I’m not about to turn down free Jäger. We both throw them back, and I watch Auggie cringe through his.

“It’s no use. At this point, I should cut my losses and go into porn.”

I choke on my drink because that’s the last thing I was expecting an innocent-looking guy like Auggie to say. His eyes are starting to look a bit glassy and unfocused though, so I guess the alcohol is talking. “There’s a market for everything, I suppose.”

“Hey!” He gives me a little nudge. “I’ll have you know I’m quite confident in what I have.”

And even if Auggie isn’t my type, I’m red-blooded enough to recognize he’s sexy as hell in a twink kinda way. “Send me your OnlyFans and I’ll show my support.”

“Why?” He leans a little closer and wets his pink bottom lip. “I could give you a free show tonight.”

GF Teaser 1

GF Teaser 3

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saxon james logo

About Saxon:

Saxon James is an author from Australia who’s obsessed with writing queer characters. She has a range of books from YA to adult and they all have one thing in common: swoony, sweet love.

When not writing, Saxon exists on a diet of coffee and chocolate while putting her KU subscription to the test.

Connect with Saxon:
Facebook page:
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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Keeping Kellan by Amy Aislin

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Keeping Kellan
By Amy Aislin

Keeping Him, Book 2

Brant Harkrader is done living by other peoples’ rules. He may not know exactly what he wants out of life, but he’s perfectly happy letting that question figure itself out while starting a new job as a tour guide.

Too bad the one thing he does want—his sister’s BFF—only sees him as a little brother.

Or so he thinks…

Kellan Shelby-Briggs has never shied away from going after what he wants. And what he wants is the important contract that will put his brand new company on the map—and Brant.

Too bad Kellan’s career keeps yanking him away just as things heat up between them.

Now that Brant is back in town—up close and personal in Kell’s living space—can they finally get the timing right to go after the love that has eluded them both for too long?


Universal Link



“Brant.” Wendy pulled her shell-shocked brother into a hug, her very pregnant belly getting in the way. Maggie’s screaming intensified as she was squished between her mom and her uncle.

Brant winced as she wailed in his ear. “Hey,” he said weakly.

“Pew, pew.”

“Sorry I couldn’t come pick you up. I had to get the twins from day camp and Nick won’t be home for another hour.”

“It’s all good.” Brant nodded at Kellan. “Kell found me.”

Wendy swept her gaze up and down Brant’s tall frame. Since the Harkrader siblings were otherwise occupied, Kellan allowed himself to do the same.

Even dressed down in loose sweatpants and a wrinkled T-shirt, Brant looked like an athlete. At six feet tall, Kellan was only about an inch or so taller than him, but Brant had him beat on muscle mass. Kellan used the home gym in his basement on an almost daily basis; still, Brant’s wide shoulders, narrow hips, and defined biceps said jock in a way that Kellan’s own body said works out only as much as he has to, to stay fit and attract a mate.

Yes, it was super shallow, he was aware. But that was the dating game, wasn’t it?

It was one of the reasons he avoided the dating scene—it was all so superficial.

Not that he’d had the opportunity to date since moving back home from Vancouver last summer—or the interest, if he was honest. He’d had enough to do with getting his business off the ground. And considering how spectacularly his reputation had been shot at his last job, building it into a successful one was more important than ever.

So really, the only reason he worked out at this point was because it had become a habit.

He supposed there were worse ones.

“Your hair’s so long,” Wendy said, giving the strands sticking out the bottom of Brant’s hat a tug. “What do they call this in the hockey world? Flow? You need a haircut, my friend.”

“Uh . . .”

“Pew, pew.”

“Joey, have you said hello to your uncles?”


Maggie chose that moment to spit up all over herself.

“Aw, Mags.” Wendy kissed her forehead. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

She disappeared into the laundry room, where Kellan knew she kept spare clothes for all three kids for just such an occasion.

Brant stared after her, blank-faced.

Kellan leaned closer to him. “You know you can always stay with me, right?” He’d even offered when Brant had announced, less than two weeks ago, that he was moving back.

Unblinking, Brant turned his stare in his direction.

“No screaming children.”

Brant whimpered.

Amused by the whole situation, Kellan bumped their shoulders. “Think about it.”

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To celebrate the release of Keeping Kellan, Amy is giving away a signed copy of Keeping Kellan to one lucky winner!
Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Direct Link:

Amy Aislin Logo_Print + Web

About the Author:

Amy’s lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she’s read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess. Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she’s been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn’t at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada’s largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group, Amy Aislin’s Readers, to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her newsletter.

Connect with Amy:
Facebook Group: