Blog Tour, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Finn’s Fantasy by K.C. Wells

Blog Tour, Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway: Finn’s Fantasy By K.C. Wells

Maine Men Series, Book 1

It’s been twenty years since Joel was with a man, and he doesn’t want to screw this up. Especially with Finn.

A secret desire By day, Finn builds houses on the coastline of Maine. Afterhours, Finn dreams of the hot older guy who walks his chocolate lab on Goose Rocks Beach. The man of his dreams ticks all his boxes. Salt and pepper hair. Strong jawline. Blue eyes. His dream man is perfect fantasy material. As for actually speaking to him? As if. Their paths won’t ever cross, and the guy is probably straight.

A new chapter Recently divorced Joel is finally living as a gay man, but he’s not sure he’s ready to jump into a relationship. That doesn’t stop him from noticing his new contractor’s muscular build, hewn from hard, physical work, or his storm-colored eyes. Or the way he wears his tool belt slung low on his hips. The icing on the cake? There’s more to Finn than good looks. Maybe he’s the perfect guy to share long walks on the beach and warm nights in front of a fire. But it’s been twenty years since Joel was with a man. While he’s not forgotten how to flirt, he’s nervous about making a move. Especially with Finn.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Finn wiped his lips with a napkin and pushed his empty plate away from him. “My compliments to the chef. That was delicious.” Carrie hadn’t been kidding. She’d made enough for a small army. Joel was going to be living on leftovers for a few days yet. “Glad you liked it.” Carrie peered into the dish. “There’s more, if you want.” “Two portions already have my belt straining.” It had been a pleasant meal. Nate had asked lots of questions, and Finn had been more than happy to answer them. Joel had seemed a little quiet, but that was because Laura and Nate had done most of the talking. What Finn couldn’t get his head around was the relationship between Carrie and Joel. They got along like a house on fire. They joked with each other the way Finn did with his friends, at ease with each other. Well, of course they’re at ease. They were married for how long? These guys know each other really well. Finn watched them, rubbing his chin and scratching his cheek. His parents had divorced when he was seven, and Finn recalled the atmosphere, the tension… In a burst of clarity, it came to him. That’s what’s confusing me. They don’t act like a divorced couple. Okay, so not all divorces were alike, but… He couldn’t help wondering what on earth had prompted the split. As for Joel’s glances the previous visit, there was no sign of them. I was right. I imagined the whole thing. Well fuck. Seb was right about one thing. At least Finn could have Joel in his dreams. Because that was about as close as Finn was going to get.

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About the Author

K.C. Wells lives on an island off the south coast of the UK, surrounded by natural beauty. She writes about men who love men, and can’t even contemplate a life that doesn’t include writing. The rainbow rose tattoo on her back with the words ‘Love is Love’ and ‘Love Wins’ is her way of hoisting a flag. She plans to be writing about men in love – be it sweet or slow, hot or kinky – for a long while to come.

Connect with K.C.: If you want to follow her exploits, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter: Got a favourite trope? Then check out this page:

You can stalk – er, find – her in the following places: ALL my links: Email: [email protected] Facebook: KC’s men In Love (my readers group): Amazon: Twitter: @K_C_Wells Website: Instagram: BookBub: Pinterest:


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