Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Catching Kalen by Maya Nicole & Britt Andrews

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Catching Kalen
By Maya Nicole & Britt Andrews


Diamond Dreams, Book 1

The call never came.

So, I did what any major league hopeful reject would do: I went to the bar to escape my reality.

When I locked gazes with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, I knew the night was going to be anything but normal.

Especially since I’d never been with a man.

One night of passion left me questioning everything. It was supposed to be a random hookup but when I walked into my summer school course there he was, standing at the front of the room.

My professor.

Will Monroe catch me, or will he strike out?

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I stepped out of the way, just enough for him to squeeze through. His chest brushed against mine, and I inhaled his scent. Fuck, he smelled like expensive cologne and a hint of tequila. In one word, temptation. He smelled like fucking temptation.

Slipping the Do Not Disturb sign on the outside door handle, I let the heavy door swing closed. I turned to find him across the room at the window, looking out at the street. His body was a work of art with strong shoulders and a waist that tapered in just the right amount, leading to his pert ass.

Our eyes met in the window reflection as I walked up behind him. I slid my hands around his waist to rest on his stomach, feeling the ripples of his abs through his shirt. I buried my face against the back of his neck, inhaling the faint scent of aftershave and leather.

“You smell so fucking good.” I trailed my lips across the back of his neck to his ear. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into your ass,” I whispered as I moved my hands under his shirt and traced the contours of his abdomen. He must spend hours working out for a body like this.

He trembled as I moved my hands up to his chest and slid my thumbs over his hard nipples. His breath was already speeding up, and I smiled against the soft skin right below his ear before licking the shell of it.

“Jesus.” He stumbled forward a foot and put his hands on the window. The windows had privacy film on the outside, so I wasn’t worried someone would see him. Not that I cared, but he might.

I moved my hands down to the bulge in his pants. He groaned as I palmed him through the fabric of his jeans. He was thick, and I bit the lobe of his ear. “A dick like this is meant for my fist.”

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About the Authors


About Maya:

Maya Nicole is an author of Paranormal Reverse Harem & Contemporary MM Romance novels. She’s a former elementary school teacher who decided to pursue her second passion and write full-time. She has always loved reading and writing, and loves being able to bring that love to others.

Connect with Maya:


About Britt:

Britt Andrews is an author of Paranormal Reverse Harem & Contemporary MM Romance novels. She loves eating Mexican food, reading all the books, and living her best mom life in rural Ohio. Britt is a high energy extrovert who loves shattering glass ceilings and expectations. She tries to bring her humor across in her words, hoping to make every reader laugh out loud in public at least once, trust us, she’ll get you when you least suspect it.

Connect with Britt:


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