Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Miles High by Gianni Holmes

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Miles High
By Gianni Holmes

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The Grimm Tales of Smoky Vale, Book 4

One look at a raggedy Miles who crashes the clubhouse and every instinct in his body is to keep and protect. Then he hears three words that would seal his fate.
When Miles no longer needs his protection, Rubble must find an excuse to see him again. But Miles’s hot and cold reaction is sending Rubble mixed signals.

Miles’s desperate search for a protector leads him right into Rubble’s arms. For the second time.
The huge biker, covered in tattoos, should scare him, but with the enormous threat at his back, all Rubble provides is comfort. He makes Miles feel safe…for the time being.
Everyone thinks the threat to Miles is gone, but there’s an even bigger enemy that’s been haunting him for years. Miles has already caused the demise of one biker. The last thing he needs is for another to be killed while protecting him.
As the darkness that lurks inches closer, what will it take for Miles to trust Rubble to protect him?

Miles High is a protector romance with a sweet virgin, who finds himself embroiled in the pits of an underground operation, and the biker who’ll risk his neck to save him. This book has light Daddy kink, a gruff biker trying to avoid the use of too many f-bombs, illicit activities. Trigger content includes physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.

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After two days of searching, thirteen rejections, and one emphatic “hell no,” I was on the verge of bawling my eyes out. The heat of the May sun and my long-sleeve shirt, paired with tailored pants, only made it worse. The material stuck to my damp back, and I deliberately avoided checking out what I was sure were stains under my armpits.

Great. Not only was I the loser who couldn’t find a job, but I was also one with stinky bomb pits, sweaty hair, and fogged-up glasses.

I swiped my glasses from my face and rubbed at the moisture that beaded on the bridge of my nose and upper lip. Pinching an excess material of my shirt, I wiped the buildup of fog from the lenses, then replaced them on my face. The world became clearer. Unlike my life.

How on earth am I getting out of this mess?

I trudged along the sidewalk, past the fancy bar my former boss, Mort, had taken me to celebrate my twenty-fourth birthday only a few months ago. What I wouldn’t give to be back working at the crematory, but Mort continued to be stubborn about accepting back his business from the man who’d bought it out from under him.

This time I was even willing to touch a corpse or two just to have my old job back. A shiver ran down my spine, and my stomach roiled, reminding me I’d skipped breakfast. The crematory hadn’t been an awful place to work. Being at the front desk meant avoiding what happened in the back, which was fine by me, thank you very much.

A flash of white caught my attention. I backtracked two steps and read the notice plastered to the door of Heavenly Delight, one of the nicer restaurants Smoky Vale had to offer.

Wanted: Servers. Must be able to work extra shifts if needed. Inquire inside for more information.

Should I? I’d been so done with restaurant work since I was a teenager, but beggars hardly had options, plus the opportunity of extra shifts was too tempting. I needed all the money I could get ASAP, and unless I walked into a sugar Daddy who gave me the keys to his treasure chest, this would have to do.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, then put one foot in front of the other. I could do this. I had to do this until another way presented itself.

The door was heavier than I’d thought, and I had to put all my nonexistent muscles into it to get it to open. I slipped inside, the blast of the A/C making it worth it, even if I didn’t get the job. The cool air brushed against my overheated skin, and I had to force myself not to raise my arms for some of it to hit my pits from hell.

“Excuse me,” I said to the host.

“Welcome to Heavenly Delight.” He smiled at me. Then he sniffed, and his face wrinkled up. “Are you dining with us today?”

“Not really. I saw the sign on the door that you wanted workers and—”

“Let me get the supervisor for you. She’ll be able to help.”

As he disappeared to the back, I stood awkwardly, aware of the curious glances customers were throwing at me. I surveyed the room, taking in the level of occupancy and the number of waiters working the floor to get a feel for how well I would do working in a place like this. I’d never eaten here before.

It was nicer than I’d expected.

The central feature of the dining area was an L-shaped bar where a few patrons were having drinks. The gray and wood panel design was offset by a splash of orange chairs to elevate the aesthetics. The pendant lamps above the tables added a flair of class. Why had I never eaten here before?

You can’t afford it.

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About the Author:

Gianni Holmes fell in love with her first gay romance book in 2017 when she read her first gay romance novel. She was easily hooked to these books where non-traditional unions ended with a HEA. This led to her penning her first gay romance title Falling for Mr. Corporate. She’s been writing in this genre since.

Hailing from the Caribbean, Gianni loves to create a world where her characters find happiness even if it takes them a while to get there. She holds a honors degree in Spanish and International Relations. As an educator for the past five years, she teaches Spanish Language and Literature. As a writer, she creates naughty and some nice characters.

Her most popular series the Taking Care trilogy is available in ebook, and paperback, with audio coming soon. While she writes a variety of gay romance ranging from angsty to light, romantic suspense, and steamy, Gianni guarantees you an enjoyable and unpredictable ride.

You can interact with her directly by visiting her Facebook group Gianni’s Gems.

Hope you enjoy this journey!

Connect with Gianni:


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