Release Blitz, Teaser & Giveaway: Love Like a Fire Whirl by Darragha Foster

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Release Blitz, Teaser & Giveaway:
Love Like a Fire Whirl
By Darragha Foster

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A Wildlands Firefighter Romance

Loving Tribulation Brewster was as hot and all-consuming as a July brushfire. It burned him out. Jack recognized that too much booze and too much blind love wasn’t going to make a relationship–and he left. Fifteen years later Jack Reyna and Trib Brewster meet up on a fire line during the biggest forest fire in a decade. Only Jack’s the boss. And Trib is a convict worker. Will nothing short of a fire whirl keep them from reuniting?

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“Truthfully, you crossed my mind a time or two.” Trib leaned against the shovel. “Always ends the same way.”

“How’s that?” Jack asked. He didn’t see it coming. The blow. Closed fist and precise.

Trib hauled off and punched him in the jaw.

Sharp, searing pain. The sound of head to dirt.

Cartoon stars and birdies circled his head.

His brain rattled around in his cranium, and he choked out blood.

Against his own internal admonitions to…stop. Halt. Not fight back…

Jack rallied to his feet and returned the blow.

Trib took it on the chin and stumbled backward onto the blackened ground. Jack’s gut twinged. He’d never hit someone he loved…someone he had once loved…before. “Now we’re even,” Jack said, extending his hand to help Trib up.

Trib took his hand. “Like hell.”

He pulled Jack forward, flipped him, and caught him in a leg wrestling maneuver. Jack fought against the constraint. Trib was heavier. More muscular. Not recovering from injury. And in control.

Jack felt himself go hard. Hard like he hadn’t been in years. Hard with need. Hard with want. “Let me go,” he said. He tried to wrench away from Trib. He smelled dirt and ash and sweat. And the strong aroma of rut. “Let me go—now.”

Trib squared his position and rammed his crotch against Jack’s butt. “You left me.”

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To celebrate the release of Love Like A Fire Whirl, Darragha is giving you a chance to win a Paperback copy of the Trilogy this book is a part of!

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About the Author:

Darragha Foster is an award winning author paranormal romances, both mf and mm. She gathers inspiration all around her. Including the cold case at the grocer, where she is no longer allowed.

Connect with Darragha:,
@darragha (IG), darraghafoster (FB), Amazon
@darragha (TikTok)


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