Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Playing at Home by Jax Calder

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Playing at Home
By Jax Calder

Playing At Home Ebook FINAL

Sporting Secrets, Book 2

Jacob Browne comes from rugby royalty but he’s never come close to being the heroic idol his father was on the rugby field. And now he’s failed off the field as well with the breakdown of his marriage. When his ex-wife hires a manny, it feels like the ultimate kick in the guts that another guy gets to spend more time with his kids than he does.

But when he actually meets Austin, the connection that grows between them upends everything Jacob thought he knew about himself and forces him to reconsider what it truly means to be a hero.

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New Release Excerpt:

“Are you okay if I ask Jen to babysit next Saturday night?”

My eyebrows knitted together. “Why, where’s Austin going to be?”

“Austin and I are going out together.”

My breath left me. It felt as if I’d been kicked in the guts. This is what I’d worried about right from the start. Matilda starting something with our ridiculously good-looking manny.

But now my guts were clenching not just because of my concern about the instability for the girls if Matilda started something with Austin. This was a whole other level of distress.

Hell. I scraped my hands through my hair.

Could I really blame Matilda for being attracted to Austin? No. Not when I suffered from the same affliction.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” The words came out half strangulated.

Her forehead rumpled. “Why isn’t it a good idea?”

“I mean…I just don’t think it would be good for the girls…if you and Austin…”

Matilda’s frown morphed into a smirk. “Are you worried about me and Austin? Seriously?”

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with our manny, that’s all.”

Matilda’s smirk remained. “I think you’ll find I’m lacking one major thing that Austin looks for in a partner.”

“What’s that?”

“A dick.”

My eyebrows flew up, and Matilda giggled.

“Oh my God, you should see the look on your face right now.”

I tried to keep my breathing even. “Austin’s gay?”

“Well done, I’m glad you managed to put those clues together.”

Fuck. My stomach was auditioning to be a somersault performer right now. At the same time, my heart raced harder than if I’d just played a full eighty minutes of a hard game.

Matilda’s smile faded. “What’s wrong? You’re not homophobic, are you?” Her eyes narrowed. “You can’t be. You’re fine with Beth and Charlotte.” She named her cousin and her cousin’s partner.

No, my physical reaction had nothing to do with the fact Austin was attracted to members of the same sex as him.

It was because the fact that I found him so attractive wasn’t quite as innocent anymore.

Yeah, I wasn’t exactly about to tell my soon-to-be ex-wife that.

“I’m not homophobic. What Austin does in his private life is his own business.”

“I totally agree. And that’s why I’m going to help him find someone,” she said. “I’m going to take him to the gay-friendly nightclubs and be his wingman. He deserves to have some fun. Hopefully he’ll manage to pull someone.”

My stomach twisted as I considered that possibility.

Of course he’d pull someone. Austin was gorgeous and charming and funny and sweet…yeah, that feeling inside me, the one that made me clench my teeth, it felt like…jealousy. And more than just mild jealousy. This was a fiery burn in my gut as I imagined Austin smiling at another guy.

Which I was fairly sure wasn’t what I was supposed to be feeling right now.

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About the Author:

Jax’s stories are all about light-hearted conversations and deeply-felt connections. She loves exploring exactly why two characters are the only ones who’ll make the other truly happy, and the journey they take to reach their happily-ever-after.

Jax lives in New Zealand and is a rabid sports fan, a hiking enthusiast and has a slightly unhealthy addiction to nature documentaries. As an extrovert who spends way too much time in her own head, she loves to connect with readers. Join her Facebook group Jax’s Crew ( for bonus stories plus exclusive excerpts from her upcoming books.

Connect with Jax:

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Published by K.R. Phoenix

Hi! I'm Katie and I'm an obsessive reader, wife and mum. I love books, support all things LGBTQ+ and love tattoos and tea!

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