Release Blitz & Giveaway: Shadowfall by Iris Foxglove

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Release Blitz & Giveaway:
By Iris Foxglove

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Immortals Descending, Book 3

Cillian Aislinn is elated when he receives an invitation to dance for a renowned patron of the arts, Lady Thora, in a beautiful lakeside manor in the hills of Kallistos. But all is not as it seems at Cladach Manor. By the time Cillian discovers the horrifying truth hiding behind a glamor of luxury, it will be too late; Cillian makes an enemy of Lady Thora. Cursed to suffer an immortal existence where even the comfort of sleep is taken from him, Cillian becomes the leader of a nomadic troupe of dancers, seeking what joy he can in the art that he once loved. Following a series of prophetic dreams, Cillian is desperate to find something that will banish his curse for good. What he finds is Astra, the god of dreams, who reveals who Lady Thora really is…the corrupted former goddess of art, now a spirit of decay whose influence is beginning to spread into Astra’s realm.

Astra was a child when he was summoned to the Dreamer’s Throne, and has chosen to spend more and more time asleep, weaving dreams in the dark. But when Pallas’ ire threatens his dreamers, Astra follows her influence to Cillian, a cursed mortal who may be the key to defeating her. In exchange for the restful sleep he’s been denied for so long, Cillian agrees to be Astra’s guide. Together, they might find a way to defeat Pallas before her influence smothers all inspiration and art from the world.

As they travel across Iperios, they also must navigate the growing attraction between them. Astra is a god who lived mostly in the realm of dreams, and Cillian’s curse has kept him in a state of numb exhaustion for centuries. As they awaken to their mutual desire, the truth of who Cillian is and why Pallas is so determined to destroy him becomes clear…and so is what is at stake if they fail.

Featuring a very tired immortal without a natural alignment, a brat of a dominant dream god who has forgotten how to be human, an evil spirit with a grudge and a wild dash across Iperios to restore the balance between art, inspiration, and dreams.

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About the Author(s)

Iris Foxglove is the shared pen name of Avon Gale (she/her) and Fae Loxley (he/him). Avon and Fae met in fandom in 2019, and began writing fanfiction together in 2020 during lockdown. They eventually decided to collaborate on original fantasy fiction, and haven’t looked back since.

They write queer fantasy with an emphasis on biological imperative, natural power exchange dynamics, complex worldbuilding, and unforgettable characters.

You can follow Iris on Twitter @irisfoxglove, or sign up for Iris’ newsletter:

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Instagram: Irisfoxglovewrites
tik-tok: irisfoxgloveauthor
Twitter: irisfoxglove


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