Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Whatever He Needs by Mia Kerick

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Whatever He Needs
By Mia Kerick

Liam falls for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks who has a shedload of issues, but is the sweetest person he’s ever known.


Liam McAllister might be a preppy rich kid, but for one night all he cares about is finding the seediest bar in town and forgetting his complicated life for a few hours. When a captivating purple-haired go-go dancer catches his eye, his plans change.

Following in his larger-than-life father’s footsteps is ingrained in his DNA, but this dancer, who is nothing like what his parents expect of him, is a desire Liam can’t ignore.

For Dimmy Cirillo, being dissed is nothing new. After his mother’s death, he’s sought his cruel, narcissistic father’s approval, only to learn he’s nothing more than a commodity to the heartless man. When a sexy patron shows him a life he’s always dreamed of, he revels in the attention, even though he knows it’ll never last.

A swift kick of reality has Liam questioning his duty to his father, and puts his relationship with Dimmy in jeopardy. They must find a way to break free from their pasts if they’re ever going to have a shot of building a future together.

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The bartender is back a few seconds later with a Tomboy Amber beer so icy cold that I take a few pulls and start to chill. It’s what I need after the workweek that wouldn’t end. A few long swallows later, the bottle’s close to empty. Ahhh…I let my gaze get sucked back to the kid on the cube—the sight of him has somehow magnetized me.

Alva, as it says on the bartender’s faded nametag, wipes down my part of the bar, and I lean across and blurt, “Tell me more about him.” I’m usually on the cool side—did I actually demand Dimmy’s unauthorized bio? Looks like tonight I’m thirsty for more than just beer.

“He’s Gregory Cirillo’s kid—he’s the bar manager and a big deal in this part of town.”

“And his son’s a…hooker?” Father would be displeased to learn that one of his properties is hosting a prostitution ring. For some reason, though, this isn’t my most pressing concern. The kid’s life is messy, I’m certain. I don’t want to hear it’s that kind of messy.

“Not yet, that I know of.”

As I puzzle over her vague reply, we watch Dimmy roll his narrow hips in an absently come-hither manner. He never visually engages with the guys clustered at his feet, though. Some are reaching out for him, and others toss cash into an orange plastic bucket sloppily marked “PAWS OFF MY TIPS!”  It’s as if the dancer is all alone, performing in front of his bedroom window. A vacant ceiling-stare serves as his shield, protecting him from a hot-for-his-ass audience, blaring music, and the inescapable filth.


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About the Author:

Award-winning gay romance author, Mia Kerick, knows that a satisfying romance novel is riddled with challenges. For true love to prevail, the leading men are gonna have to put in some effort. But the HEA is oh-so rewarding.

Mia has a great affinity for the damaged teenage soul in literature. Her YA gay contemporary romance focuses on such tropes as hurt/comfort and dark secrets that keep them apart. In Kerick’s books, the course of true love never does run smooth.

Mia’s books have been featured in Kirkus Reviews magazine. They have won a 2019 IPPY GOLD award for Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction, a 2018 YA GOLD MOONBEAM Children’s Book Award, a YA Readers’ Favorite Award, several Gold Rainbow Awards in YA and adult categories, a Reader Views’ Book by Book Publicity Literary Award, the Jack Eadon Award for Best Book in Contemporary Drama, a YA Indie Fab Award, a First Place Royal Dragonfly Award for Cultural Diversity, a First Place Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Award, and more.

Mia cheers for each and every victory made in the name of human rights. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology.

Contact Mia:
Twitter: @MiaKerick


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