Audio Review Tour: The Problem by Piper Scott


Audio Review Tour:
The Problem by Piper Scott

Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo


Length: 8 hrs and 27 mins

Single Dads Support Group, Book 1

Laurence’s new lover is half his age. The problem? His relationship is about to make his life a lot more complicated…

Successful, sensible, and settled in his ways, single dad Laurence isn’t looking for love when he runs into the young man who sweeps him off his feet… and onto his knees. With an upcoming raise on the line and a son to care for, he can’t let an unconventional relationship jeopardize the future of his family. He’s a parent first and a lover second, and that’s the way it has to be.


The only thing Alex loves more than older men is being filthy with them. The problem? Sometimes, it backfires in the worst ways.

Up-and-coming painter Alex is broken in ways others can’t see, and he copes with the pain by drowning himself in experience—especially experienced men. But when he crosses paths with Laurence, he finds himself drawn down an avenue of life he’s sworn he’ll never visit again.

Men are meant to be disposable, and Laurence is only supposed to be a hookup… so why does Alex feel so safe whenever he’s around?

When a matter of concealed identity threatens Laurence and Alex’s bond, they have a choice—rise above the forces that seek to divide them and find happiness with each other, or let their problems grow too great to conquer.

The Problem is an 81,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, the naughtiest lace panties you’ll ever read about, and the gradual development of a relationship between a Daddy and his boy.

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Single Dad Support Group Series Link



Delicate words traced Laurence’s neck like cursive over creamy paper. “To return to the topic of our previous conversation, I’d argue that science can be passion, just as art can be procedural. Before you interrupt, allow me to elaborate.” The playful, cunning quality of the whispered words painted a picture in Laurence’s mind. A charming smirk. A glint of mischief in beautiful blue eyes. The sharp, gorgeous features of a face, head quirked to the side. Full lips so close to Laurence’s neck, they were almost touching.


But where should was dangerous and unpredictable, almost was a temptation never realized. It went hand in hand with never. And while what remained of Laurence’s logical mind told him that he should side with the concept of never—especially when it came to the young omega who seemed to be doing his very best to seduce him—his heart told him that it had had enough.

No more almost.

No more never.

He’d denied himself long enough.

“Take, for consideration, the art of sex,” the young man murmured. He came closer, his words hot on Laurence’s skin. A shiver shot down Laurence’s spine and stiffened his cock. How could words feel so good? “The process of procreation is science, isn’t it? The swapping of fluid, the introduction of gametes, the evolutionary drive of an omega’s heat, and the alpha’s instinctual reaction to the pheromones it produces…”

Laurence’s lungs were shriveled. He couldn’t fill them if he tried. Breath was a secondary consideration. All he wanted was to feel the young man in front of him.


To claim him. To make him his.

When he spoke, his words were hollow with effort and only carried as far as the young man’s ears. “So, you’d argue that sex is science?”

“No.” Another unseen smirk. The young man dipped his head down so his words ghosted across the hollow where Laurence’s shoulder met his neck. “Sex is science, but it’s also art. For every mechanical, utilitarian thrust, there is a breathtaking arch of a back, or a stretch of a long, beautiful neck… a breathy moan like music, or a shuddered gasp that’s prettier than any equation could be. Sex is everything. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, because it shows that bridge between the mundane and the artistic. It embodies perfection. It flaunts duplicity and embraces it. And the most stunning thing about it? It’s so transparent in what it is. It is the ultimate triumph in science, and a masterpiece that inspires billions.”

Laurence’s tongue went rogue and allowed words he never should have spoken to be heard. “And so here you are at an art gallery…”

“Looking to make a masterpiece.”


Check Out Books 2 & 3 in the Single Dad Support Group Series!

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The Proposal

Single Dad Support Group, Book 2

Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins

After four years spent apart, Aaron is on his way home to marry the love of his life—his best friend. The proposal? It’s about to end in disaster.

Dedicated, determined, and head-over-heels in love, Aaron is ready to settle down with the man of his dreams—his best friend, Gage. With a prestigious degree under his belt, a promising career ahead of him, and a loving boyfriend to pamper and spoil for the rest of their lives, the future is brighter than it’s ever been.

Isn’t it?

The lie Gage has been living for the last four years is about to fall apart, and there’s only one way he can see himself holding it together. The proposal? It’s everything he’s ever wanted, but something he might never be able to have…

When the steamiest summer of Gage’s life leaves him pregnant with Aaron’s child, Gage knows what he has to do. He’s made Aaron a promise, and the future of their family depends on it.

Forced to keep his son a secret from everyone—even Aaron—Gage does whatever it takes in order to keep a roof over their heads. But when his child gets sick and Gage can’t afford medical treatment, he has a difficult choice to make.

How far will he go to keep his future family together?

When an unexpected reunion brings Aaron and Gage back together, they’re faced with a choice: overcome the obstacles standing in their way to becoming a happy family, or accept that the proposal they’ve both been dreaming of is never going to happen.

The Proposal is a 70,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, a live stream you’re never going to forget, pretty pearls in naughty places, and a love that neither time nor distance can tear apart.

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The Solution

Single Dad Support Group, Book 3

Length: TBA – releasing soon!

Vincent’s past threatens to overthrow his future. The solution? He’s about to find it in the storage closet at his friend’s wedding.

Independent, introverted, and eager to please, all single dad Vincent is expecting when he flies in to attend his friend’s wedding is a good time… not an irresistible older omega who slips into his heart as quickly as he slips into his bed. With a job relocation to the city on the horizon, a relationship isn’t off the table, but there’s a catch.

There’s something about Vincent’s past his prospective lover needs to know—something he’d rather leave behind.

Can he jeopardize his fresh start for a chance at love?

Alone his entire life, all Mal wants is to have a family. The solution? Take matters into his own hands…

Always a babysitter, never a dad, Mal has struggled with issues of self-worth his entire life, and at his age, he’s come to accept that he’s meant to be alone. Eager to have a family he can love, and who will love him back, he decides to pursue IVF and start a family on his own. But when his path intersects Vincent’s, he finds himself questioning whether love really is possible.

Mal is no stranger to the evil in men’s hearts. The only one he can trust is himself, isn’t it? But with kind and thoughtful Vincent, imagining a brighter future is a temptation that might prove too good to resist.

When life reunites their paths in unexpected ways after a sizzling one-night stand, Vincent and Mal are faced with a choice—let their forbidden connection keep them apart, or indulge in love and lust like they’ve never known it before.

The Solution is a 90,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, fabulous revenge, an ice-cold shower that will leave you hot beneath the collar, and a unique take on Daddy kink perfect for two men who don’t quite fit the mold.

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Info About Upcoming Audiobooks for the Single Dad Support Group Series:

The next book in the Single Dad Support Group series is set to debut in August 2020, and the remaining two books are scheduled for production throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.

Keep your eyes on Audible’s new release charts!

You won’t want to miss them.

Piper Author Image

About the Author:

Piper Scott debuted as a trio of authors looking to write together for fun. Their collaboration led to three novella-length books (Love Me, Save Me, and Keep Me,) before life sent them in different directions, leaving just one author with an omegaverse plot bunny that became the foundation of an intricate, interconnected world.

Left to her own devices, Piper writes scorching but heartfelt contemporary omegaverse romance about men you can’t help but fall in love with. Make sure to check out her contemporary gay romance alter-ego, Emma Alcott, for other great stories!

Connect with Piper:
Facebook fan page:\
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Michael Artist Image
About the Narrator:
Michael Ferraiuolo is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the owner of Iron Works Studios in New York City. As a voice artist, Michael has appeared both nationally and internationally in film, radio, and over 100 audiobooks.

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Lost in the Florist by Riley Long & Marie Cole

Lost in the Florist Promos

Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Lost in the Florist
By Riley Long & Marie Cole

Blooming Hearts, Book 1

Lost in the Florist Cover

A fast-paced, sexy romance in the woods that will make Smokey Bear come running.

Jax fled his small hometown eight years ago to make it big in LA. His music career took off and he hasn’t been back to see his childhood best friend Emmett–his first, unrequited love–since. No man has lived up to that first love, though Jax has certainly tried.

When he finally gets a vacation, Jax decides to put his playboy ways behind him, surprise Emmett with a visit, and finally lay his feelings on the line. But Emmett has a few surprises up his sleeve, too–including one big secret. Emmett is a virgin.

Book Link:
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Copy of Template 2



The second Jax placed his can in the cup holder, his phone started vibrating. His heart leapt a little, but when he flipped the phone over, he saw that it was just his manager, not his best friend Emmett calling to tease him with more mental imagery of the blow job he’d always dreamed of–not that Emmett knew that. Jax had kept that little fantasy very close to his chest throughout high school. Their small town wasn’t exactly the gay man’s safe haven and the jocks had a reputation for being extremely anti-queer. Jax hadn’t thought Emmett was anti-queer, but he was on the football team, and Jax knew if there was even a sniff of male on male activity that it would spread like wildfire through the school. Part of him still regretted not saying “Fuck it” and kissing his best friend when he’d had the chance. He’d come close once.

He swiped the screen to answer the phone and scooped it up. “Hey, Ron.” In his free hand, he picked up the remote for the TV and turned it on, quickly muting the volume and switching it over to the internet browser. He pinned the phone between his ear and his shoulder.

“Jax, hey. Just calling to tell you everything’s all arranged.”

“Uh, what’s that now?” Jax was already only half-listening to Ron, attempting to navigate the TV’s browser to at the same time.

“The R&R you asked for. The time off. We’ve got it all arranged. You’re going to be staying in a little cabin about a thirty minute drive outside of Camellia. The cabin is already reserved. Do you need me to send someone to stay with you? Sophia maybe?” 

The double-meaning was thick in Ron’s tone, catching Jax’s full attention. “Ron, there  was only one time that the paparazzi took pictures of me with her. And I told you, we didn’t actually do anything. It was all just coincidental. Uh, circumstantial. Whatever that word is. It just looked compromising. There’s no actual evidence that we hooked up because nothing happened.” He let his gaze travel across the screen, thumbnails of naked guys in all sorts of configurations, waiting for him to choose. “Besides, I’m going there to surprise my best friend, not to get laid.”

“Sure, sure, whatever you say. Listen, it’s none of my business, I’m just trying to keep you happy.” Ron cleared his throat. “The cabin is all yours in a little over a week.” 

“This time off is all I need to stay happy. A couple of weeks of rest before the wolves start howling at my door again.” He spotted an image of a muscular man with short brown hair and a beard, frozen in mid-kiss with a guy with a lean, sculpted body, and clicked on it. Immediately, the video took up his full screen and started playing, the two men on a couch, wearing nothing but underwear and making out. His dick twitched and started to grow. “Listen, Ron, I gotta go. Something’s just come up and I need to take care of it. Thanks again. Bye.” He pressed the button to end the call without waiting for a confirmation from his manager and tossed the phone on the bed next to him again.



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About Riley:

Riley Long is a wife and mother living a quiet life in Virginia, with her husband, son, and one goofy pit bull. She passes her evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television). For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs. She likes things with silly acronyms. The craziest thing Riley has ever done involves whipped cream and hugs. Riley writes sweet and sexy romance, with a special place in her heart for hipsters and musicians.

Connect with Riley:
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About Marie:

Marie Cole is the author of the contemporary romance #JustFriends Series. Lost in the Florist is her very first boy/boy romance and she’s super excited to be stepping into the m/m arena beside her writer bestie, Riley Long.

She is currently living in Virginia, is a self-professed Kwave addict, Karaoke Queen, and social binge drinker. When she’s not writing she’s taking photos of everything from her fluffy cat Dustpan to birds conversing on her porch. She loves to show them off on her Instagram account.

Connect with Marie:


Pre-Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Freedom by E. Davies

Freedom Pre-Release Tour Banner

Pre-Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:

Freedom by E. Davies

Releasing June 26th

E. Davies-Freedom-Cover

F-Word Series, Book 5

Agoraphobe Jaden has barely left the house in years. Being dragged to a gay bar by his big brother to bid on a blind date is not his idea of a good time. But then the unthinkable happens: he wins. Sure, he was just about ready to push his boundaries–but on his own time. Not with a probably-gorgeous stranger watching his every move.

Henry hasn’t been on a date in the last year–ever since he finished with lower surgery. He works as a nature guide now in the great outdoors, and his new life suits him just fine. Just one thing’s missing: a man to share it with. Jaden is sweet, accepting, yet terrified by everything about the date that isn’t Henry. But he sees something in Jaden–in his courage for showing up, and his hope and vulnerability along the way.

Back home, when he’s in Denver in between guiding trips, Henry quickly becomes a staple in Jaden’s home. With Jaden’s understanding, Henry grows confident in his own skin. And with Henry’s support, the walls of Jaden’s sheltered life open up. But every step forward seems like it comes with two steps back. Can they take a deep breath and step into the wide open future–together?

This novel is based on “Denver” — a short story from the Heart2Heart 2 anthology. It has been revised and significantly expanded. It is now a standalone gay romance novel with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhanger.

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Teaser 3 (comingJ26)

Special Pre-Release Excerpt:

“I don’t know why I’m agreeing to this,” Henry muttered. Being grumpy was a lot easier than admitting to the nervousness that made his heart pound and hands tremble.

They’d only just gotten back from three days in the backcountry of Colorado, right in time for Henry’s flight. He and his mysterious date were flying to Phoenix first, then being driven in a limo to the canyon. Fancy as hell.

Trip had dropped Henry off at home, but unfortunately he’d stuck around to harass him under the guise of helping him pack.

“Because you need a hot man in your life.”

“Do I?” Henry scratched the back of his neck as he opened his closet and shoved aside the hangers of waterproof layers and thermal wear.

What did he wear to hike and bike around the Grand Canyon with a total stranger he wanted to impress?

Agreeing to let Trip choose a date for him in the raffle had been a bold move. Hell, agreeing to go to this event at all had been.

“I don’t know.” Trip’s tone was more serious this time. “Do you?”

Henry paused and looked over his shoulder for a moment. Trip was a smart guy, and he had a big heart. It meant a lot that he’d never batted an eye at Henry being gay. But even so, he’d never told Trip that he was trans.

For the last few years, Henry had been living stealth—without telling anyone his history. Everyone knew him as a guy now. With no inconvenient ties with his past life to haunt him, he was just treated like any other guy.

For the most part, he loved it. No barrage of well-meaning but wrongheaded questions about when he knew or why he had to do it. Nobody treating him differently or tiptoeing around him.

Henry deserved the same amount of privacy as anyone else. He wouldn’t dream of asking Trip if he was circumcised or their boss, Damien, what his embarrassing childhood nickname had been. Why should anyone else ask him that kind of stuff?

But there was the inconvenient fact that his transness had become some big secret without his really meaning it to. He didn’t exactly want it to be a secret. He just didn’t want people associating him with the person the world had once mistaken him for. That lie was dead and gone. This was his truth.

But try explaining that to a stranger on Grindr who just wanted to know if he was a top or a bottom, and how big his dick was. Anything outside that box? Too complicated for them. It was even scarier to contemplate losing Trip as a friend over it.

Maybe this date was all too much of a risk. But he was committed now. Too late to turn around.

“Shit, I dunno,” was Henry’s conclusion.

Teaser 2 (comingJ26)

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Author Headshot C Web

About Ed:

Since 2013, E. Davies has crafted feel-good stories of men in love–stories that are brimming with hope, found families, and realistic guys next door getting their modern fairytale endings. As for hobbies: rescuing bees, dancing badly, traipsing through meadows, and studying photos of cute guys for research totally count, right?

Connect with Ed:


Audio Tour, Giveaway & Excerpt: Just Like Heaven by T.L. Bradford

Just Like Heaven Banner

Audio Tour, Giveaway & Excerpt: Just Like Heaven by T.L. Bradford

Narrated by Corey H. Bennson


Length: 16 hours, 25 minutes

The Young Americans Series, Book 1

Noah Sinclair is best described as an egotistical, pompous, anal retentive, asshat. And those are his better qualities. Lately, Noah has lost touch with his playboy character “Jace” on the show Americana and can’t quite put his finger on why. The studio decides it is time to shake up his character by making him an offer he can’t refuse, literally. They will introduce a new love interest for his character “Jace.” Only this time, there’s a twist.

Josh Hill is up a creek and sinking fast. He’s got no job, no money, no credit and is about to be kicked out of his apartment. Opportunity comes in the form of a job offer from the show Americana. Everything should be perfect; only there is one hitch. He will be the new love interest for Noah Sinclair’s character on the beloved show.

So, opposites are supposed to attract, right? Not so fast. No one said life was that easy. Both actors find themselves in untested waters. Will they be able to play a same-sex couple with no prior experience authentically? Well, they say practice makes perfect.

Carefree, fun-loving Josh and uptight, overbearing Noah, realize they need to make the best of their bad situation and are forced to find common ground. Over time, their roles in each other’s lives become blurred. Is their attraction fake, or is it real? To top it off, Noah has a dark skeleton in his closet that can prevent them from ever moving forward.

Can they get on the same page and save both of their careers and their relationship?

Or will they end up yesterday’s tabloid fodder?

(Just Like Heaven is a full-length, slow-burn love story. It contains a cast of fully-developed characters that encounter romance, heartache, laughter, and life lessons. The book has darker themes that may act as triggers to some readers. It contains adult language, mature themes, and is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18.)

Universal Link (Audio)

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“You strut around like a king all day getting everything you want. You probably never had to fight for a single thing in your whole moronic life. It’s so easy for you, isn’t it, jock boy? Is that right? I bet it is. Mr. All-American poster boy. The football god who got more pussy than he could handle. Then you take a dump on anyone else who didn’t fit the bill. Everything falls into place for Joshua Hill!” He is starting to go off on a tangent now, and all I can do is stand and listen to his crazy rant.

He continues, “I don’t have to justify myself to you! I don’t have to justify myself for anyone here! I know who I am! I know what I’m worth! You know what? This? All of this—” he gestures around the room then points between us, “—was a bad idea from the start.”

He moves around the room now, pacing. “Why couldn’t you leave me alone? Why did you have to come here and screw everything up and mess with my head! My life was fine. It was ordered! I was in control! And now that control has been taken away from me and my future rests with you. You! Ain’t that some shit!?! Some fresh-faced Hollywood trash that is the new flavor of the month, holds my future in his hands.” He’s not making any sense now, and I can see he is starting to shut down and turn away. I’m not letting this go so quickly.

I am blazing with heat now and ready for a fight. “Look who’s talking!?! Are you kidding me trust fund boy! Oh, yeah, I know your history too! The poor little rich boy who whines when someone else catches a break? You selfish little prick!”

Noah glares at me, but I don’t let up. “What’s the matter? Daddy didn’t get you the new jag you wanted for Christmas? If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, then I don’t know what is! Because if you took the time to learn anything about me besides what you find in some Wikipedia entry you would know that I earned every god damn minute of screen time I’ve gotten on this show. If you could be a human being for one single moment, you would know that the world does not rotate around you, Noah. This is not your planet that we all get to live on.”

I stab my finger into his chest and continue my rant. “If you talked to me, I could have told you that I had to take this role, not because I wanted to, but because I was one day away from living on the streets! But you never knew that because you can’t even be bothered to open your mouth and say a single civil word to me. So, tell me, Noah, what exactly in the hell I did that was so bad that you are willing to go and trash both of our careers!”

He yells out, “Because you fit!”

“I fit? What do you mean? I don’t understand?”

“Me! You fit me!”


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Book 2 has just released, check it out!


True Faith

The Young Americans Series, Book 2

If you were granted just one wish, what would you choose?
Money? Fame? Power? Love?

The world could be your oyster,
if you were willing to take the chance.

But choose wisely, and prepare for the consequences.
Everything has its price.
Can you afford it?

Be careful what you wish for.
And remember, smiling faces tell lies…


Noah & Josh

The entire world witnessed their fight for love.
Obstacles were beaten and won.
They were living their best lives.

Is that all? Is that the end?
Seriously, did you really think it would be that easy?
Oh, hell no.
Their story is just beginning.

Josh and Noah are navigating the twists and turns of their newly public relationship…to varying degrees of success.

When they are lured into the trappings of Hollywood’s influence, they end up on the rollercoaster ride of their lives.

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride.
You will need to hold on tight.

Temptation, by any measure, is a fickle beast.
And when you are given the world on a silver platter, it’s downright wicked.

Truth, lies, fame, fortune.

All bonds will be tested.

Will the binds that ground them finally break?

(True Faith is a full-length, slow-burn love story. It contains a cast of fully-developed characters that encounter romance, heartache, laughter, and life lessons. It contains adult language, mature themes, and is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18.)

Universal Link




About T.L.:

T.L. always hated math, so it was a good thing she had a way with words.  Since she was a shy and quirky kid; words were her best friends.  She would imagine entire worlds in her head and talk to herself endlessly.  Her mother wondered if she was speaking with ghosts for a while.

Her older sister was a voracious reader of trashy romance novels and would pass them down to her after she had finished them.  T.L. was the only 10-year-old kid sitting in class reading “The Stud” by Jackie Collins during reading time.  Oddly enough, she never got called out on it.

As she grew older, her tastes evolved, but one thing held fast; her undying attachment to love stories. One day out of the blue, she decided to write the love stories she always wanted to read instead of searching for her story.  Since then, writing has been a dream fulfilled for her and she could not be happier.

She enjoys writing about love, regardless of gender and is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community.

T.L. calls the Pacific Northwest her home and enjoys the quiet rural life of her little oceanside home with her playful/crazy husband and their giant dog Noah.

Connect with TL:


Bookstagram Spotlight for Single Omega Dad by Wendy Rathbone, Starts Now!


Head Over to Our Instagram & join us
in celebrating the
Bookstagram Spotlight for
Single Omega Dad by Wendy Rathbone!


Single Omega Dad Cover

My new financial guardian, Mathias, is a cold, self-centered, rude-ass Alpha, and the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country. To him, I am a burden on society, only fit to live on a chattel farm.

It doesn’t matter that I’m drawn to him, to his ominous presence and chiseled jaw, his muscular body in his fitted silk suits. I’m a single dad with kids and responsibilities –I don’t have time for that rich bastard.

He keeps coming by the house so I can sign documents, fine. But then he’s got cute gifts for my kids. It’s got to stop. I don’t have time to fix him. Don’t have time to fall in love with an Alpha right now.

A non-shifter Alpha/Omega love story with mpreg, a single widower Omega dad, an Alpha who cannot knot, emotional issues, two adorable identical twin boys, and an HEA.

Some characters from “Trust No Alpha” make appearances in this novel, however, this book is a standalone read.

Universal Link


omega dad ad copy copy copy

Bookstagram Spotlight Starts Now!


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A Special Snippet from Single Omega Dad:

My arms were limp at my sides, but now I brought them up. Before I touched Mathias’s sides, before I turned this tentative gesture into a full embrace, I asked myself one single question.

What if this is only for tonight? Can you handle it?

My body said yes. My mind was a little slower to agree, but I made a pact with myself to enjoy this man, and if nothing came of it, it would be a sweet memory and nothing more.

We stood together for longer than I thought he would be willing to. With his strange hesitancy, and his closed up emotional demeanor, I thought he’d pull away pretty quickly.

His palms moved from my head down to my shoulders, the fingers gripping at the cloth of my shirt. They tightened and I could feel his nails scraping. My skin shivered all the way down my arms which were wrapped around his waist and pressing.

He was solid and warm, but also like hugging stone, the muscles rigid and curved in all the right places. All Alpha. Damn if I couldn’t help but be completely into him when just three days ago I had thought he was an ass.

omega dad ad

About Wendy:

Read Wendy Rathbone where… imposters and outcasts, princes and lost boys always find love and a happily ever after!

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Currently, I write all male/male romances.
For many years it has been my first love and is my focus.

If you are not sure which of my books to try first, pick a genre. If it’s contemporary, you will enjoy The Foundling Trilogy: Rescue Me, Sacrifice Me, and Remember Me where a billionaire underworld businessman rescues an amnesiac man at sea.

If you love fantasy, The Imposter Prince and The Imposter King tell the story of a double for a prince who must continue in his role after the prince is secretly killed. How can it get worse? He falls for an enemy prince!

Or you might enjoy stories set in present-day Earth where the owning of pleasure slaves is legal, in which case you can start with The Slave Palace.

All my books are available in Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!

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Release Blitz & Giveaway: Chasing the Horizon by Zenith Aislin


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Chasing the Horizon by Zenith Aislin


Horizons Series, Book 1

In fair Aeroterra where we lay our scene
Two star-crossed terrans flee
On whose flights learn what it is to be free.

Konnor Tendarian, Prince of Seslin – one of the wealthiest kingdoms of Aeroterra – is locked away inside his father’s castle. As he comes of age, it’s harder and harder to hide that he’s a sacra, an inferior type of terran according to their father, and not the heir he was supposed to be.

Prince Daxton Austeareus is living the easy life, free from responsibility despite the raids plaguing their borders. His father tries to reel him in by arranging a marriage to the Seslin prince – a complete stranger to Dax.

Dax and Konnor both run from their homes, and a marriage they’re not ready for. When they cross paths on their journeys, an undeniable, magnetic draw between them derails both of their paths and brings them closer to the fate they tried so hard to avoid.

Universal Link


Teaser 1

Special Release Blitz Excerpt:

A Rare Find

The sun was shining bright, bringing long-awaited warmth to the Seslin Castle Town. Konnor smiled, tilting vis head up to the sun. The warmth on vis face made vis skin glow gold, catching the eye of several terrans walking by. The town square was packed with terrans milling about and checking out the different booths. The Festival of the Rising Sun happened only once a year, everyone would be back to their routines the next day, but today was the national holiday that marked the peak of summer—and Konnor’s favorite day of the year. Most of the year was winter in Seslin. The town was stuck between the two biggest mountain ranges of Aeroterra and did not enjoy the sunniest of weather. But the sun and the heat weren’t why Konnor liked this day so much. Today, ve could freely roam around Seslin Castle Town. Vis mati required vis presence during the royal speech, but other than that, ve was free to explore all ve wanted.

Konnor walked around the plaza, a faint sound of penny whistles reaching vis ears through the hum of the crowd. Ve stopped at a booth selling little, golden trinkets called Palm Flowers. Everyone was walking around with at least one of the metal flowers resting on their shoulder or in their hair. There was a small collection of gasps as people parted from the booth to make room for Konnor at the front. With Konnor’s fiery red hair and pale golden skin ve stood out quite a lot from the rest of the terrans with their pale blue skin, hair, and eyes. Ve let out a sigh and picked up one of the metal buds. Gears in the base started clicking, powered by the heat of Konnor’s hand. The metal petals curled open; the petals themselves were shiny gold and surrounded a small gemstone in the middle. The gem was a deep blue color that seemed to have flecks of red and gold in the middle that swirled and glowed. It was mostly round except for one side that seemed to have a small chunk missing.

“You’re very lucky, your highness.” Konnor looked up at the merchant. The merchant was wearing a tattered, grease-stained apron with vis hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. “That’s amouranium. It’s very rare. It’s a lover’s stone and it’s believed that all amouranium stones were once in pairs but were separated over time. Your true love will find the other half and the draw of the stones will bring you together.”

Konnor stared at the flower. Ve could feel some power inside the gem seeping into vis palm. “How much for the flower?”

“Oh, no, please take it.”

Konnor looked up, narrowing vis eyes. The calloused hands of the merchant spoke of how much labor ve had put into the items. Ve doubted the merchant could afford to give any piece away. Ve glanced at the people around vim. “How much would you charge someone else?”

Ve swallowed and shook vis head. “N-normally forty gemma, but I couldn’t ask that of you.”

Ve reached into vis pocket and took out a pouch of small, black stones. Ve had them separated into groups of ten. Ve took out sixty of the stones and set them on the table. “You should charge more. Your work deserves to be valued.”

Before the merchant could say anything further, ve turned and walked quickly away from the booth. Vis mati often told vim ve was too soft when it came to the citizens, but Konnor couldn’t help it. Ve wouldn’t see anyone or any part of Seslin Castle Town again until the next year’s festival.

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About Zenith:

Zenith Aislin is a cosplayer and author who loves to bring his favorite characters to life. At every anime convention he attends, he brings a special flare to the characters he cosplays and he aims to do the same with his books, bringing his own unique flare to books and writing #ownvoices stories.

Connect with Zenith:

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About the Publisher: Enchanted Woods Publishing

Enchanted Woods Publishing is a proudly trans-owned, independent publisher. We focus on LGBT books by self-identifying LGBT authors.

At Enchanted Woods Publishing, no story is too different for us. We want to share stories, voices, and ideas that challenge the status quo and break down stereotypes.

We pride ourselves on being a platform for nontraditional fiction that goes beyond being an LGBT publisher. We are a publisher of the uncommon opinion that other publishers felt “weren’t a good fit” because we believe that not every book should be made from a cookie cutter. Books should be a representation of the diversity of our readers.

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Back to You by Kiska Gray


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Back to You by Kiska Gray

back to you ebook-2

I’m in love with Dane Fisher.

Not only is he my best friend, but he’s the one to pick up the broken pieces when my life falls apart. We’re partners-in-crime. He’s the peanut butter to my jelly, and I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember.

But he can never find out. It would kill me to lose him.

And then I lose him anyway.

Yet, the universe has a way of bringing us together again—and this time, I’m not giving up on us.

It will always come back to him…

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Release Blitz Excerpt:

“Dude, it’s just a game.” I couldn’t help but laugh at him. His face was bright red, flushed from the wine, and his sweaty hair stuck up in all different directions. He looked like he’d stuck his finger in an electrical socket. When he glared at me like I’d just murdered his family, I cracked up. “Shut up, Hollister Bay,” he grumbled. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I wasn’t sorry. I laughed even harder. “It’s just… It’s your face.” “What’s wrong with my face?” He scowled, but I saw his lips twitch. He was fighting it, but we both knew he was only minutes away from losing it right along with me. “Huh?” He poked me in the ribcage. I laugh-snorted. “You look like a…a gremlin or something.” “Yeah? You think that’s funny? You wanna know what I think is funny?” He launched himself at me and began to tickle me senseless. When I squealed, he started cackling. “You, screaming like a little bitch. You’re gonna get it now.” He pinned me to the bean-bag chair beneath him, relentless in his revenge. I shrieked and laughed until my gut ached. “Oh. Oh, my stomach. Stop, it hurts, oh god… Uncle!” He leaned in close, the tips of our noses touching. “Say please,” he murmured, and time stood still. His voice was thick and low. It was all I could do to breathe. His gaze dropped to my mouth, and before I could register what exactly was happening, his lips were on mine and we were kissing and holy shit. My world tipped upside down. I couldn’t think straight. Hell, I was pretty sure all thought ceased to exist. I didn’t want it to end. Dane Fisher was kissing me. Dane Fisher was touching me. It was over too soon. He pulled away with a weird little laugh, but I didn’t let him get too far. Maybe it was all those years of pent-up frustration and yearning for my best friend—or hell, maybe it was the wine giving me balls of steel—but I went for it. This was my one chance. I leaned up and crushed our lips together, grasping at his wild locks in a desperate attempt to keep him with me. He moaned out loud and my pants were suddenly too tight. His fingers curled into my short hair as his mouth covered mine, his lips soft and warm and wonderful. He tasted like summertime and blackberries, laughter and sunshine. I couldn’t get enough. His kisses were infectious things, bombarding my immune system, but damn if I didn’t want to carry that disease.

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About Kiska:

Kiska Gray is a 30-something crazy cat lady living in small-town Indiana. She’s a lover of music (hung up on Ed Sheeran at this moment) and coffee (extra sweet!) She shares an apartment with two spoiled cats, one fat and one skinny, and spends her free time writing, reading, aimlessly browsing Facebook, playing Stardew Valley and Pokemon, and staring off into space.

Connect with Kiska: Insta: @authorkiskagray


Release Blitz & Giveaway: The One Night Plan by Riley Long

One Night Plan Banner

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The One Night Plan by Riley Long


Crushing Series, Book 3

Lucas landed his dream job working public relations for bands in LA, and to kick off his new life, he allows himself a scorching one night stand with a sexy stranger. The only problem? The stranger turns out to be his most famous client. Working this closely together will be hard, but it turns out keeping their hands off of each other is harder. Can Lucas resist his rockstar’s charisma and stick to the one night plan? If he can’t, can he convince the rockstar of a new plan: love?

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Special Release Blitz Excerpt:

“Sounds like you’d rather be anywhere else.”

Lucas took a sip of his drink and let the gin slide past his mouth in a way that made Nicky wonder what else his mouth could do. “I’m happy where I am.” His smile was slow and deliberate.

“So am I.” The liquor warmed Nicky’s throat, and that warmth traveled through his body. He finished his drink and slid the glass towards the bartender.

“Thirsty?” Lucas nodded towards the empty glass.

Nicky laughed and ran a hand through his blond hair. “Not particularly, but you’re a whole drink ahead of me, and that’s just not fair.” He leaned forward, as if he were going to flag down the bartender, but instead put a hand on Lucas’s knee. He dropped his voice to a slow murmur and let a smile tease at the corner of his mouth. “Are you judging me?”

Lucas shook his head, hair falling in his eyes. “I would never.” He polished off his own drink and dropped his hand to Nicky’s. His fingers slid across the back of Nicky’s hand and trailed up his arm a few inches, Nicky’s skin burning.

Nicky curled his fingers, tightening his grip on Lucas’s thigh. Well, shit. It was definitely going to happen. “That’s good.” His throat was thick, voice quiet. “I’m not sure if we could be friends if you were judging me.”

Lucas parted his lips and exhaled, eyes fluttering closed for a second, and Nicky’s dick began to stiffen. “Is that what we’re going to be, Nick? Friends?”

Nicky cracked a grin. “That remains to be seen, doesn’t it?”


Check Out books 1 & 2 in the Crushing Series:


Change of Plans
Universal Link | Goodreads

The Undercover Plan
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RileyLongLogoWhiteBGAbout Riley:

Riley Long is a wife and mother living a quiet life in Virginia, with her husband, son, and one goofy pit bull. She passes her evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television). For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs. She likes things with silly acronyms. The craziest thing Riley has ever done involves whipped cream and hugs. Riley writes sweet and sexy romance, with a special place in her heart for hipsters and musicians.

Connect with Riley:
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Release Blitz & Excerpt: Fearing the Dream by Ann Marie James


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Fearing the Dream by Ann Marie James

Everyone’s Mechanic, Book 2

Fearing the Dream Cover


What happens when a man who is always alone meets a man who never is?

Sergei is the leader within the Russian immigrant community in Raleigh and the head of his family. He is a successful businessman who has carefully cultivated his intimidating persona, not correcting people when they believe him to be the head of the area’s Russian mob. Everyone comes to him if they have a problem. His problem is that he doesn’t know how to tell them no, especially his sister.

Stuart spends a lot of time alone, working from home as a graphic and website designer. He doesn’t want to be alone, but it’s simply how things have worked out. Stuart was devastated when his mother let his stepfather kick him out of the house as soon as he graduated high school. Working two—and sometimes three—jobs to put himself through college didn’t leave him a lot of time to socialize. He has had to look out for himself for a long time now and finds it hard to let anyone in. Becoming friends with Lee Clark at Everyone’s Mechanic is one of the best things that has ever happened to him and it leads to him meeting Sergei.

Sergei has to break through Stuart’s protective shell and give him a home and family. Stuart needs to teach Sergei that it’s okay to have boundaries, even with loved ones.

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Release Blitz Excerpt:

Stuart turned toward him, and Sergei found himself staring into his deep chocolate brown eyes for a moment before Stuart turned his back and got busy cleaning up the cake mess.

“You don’t have to stay. There’s not much left to do. I’m sure you’re very busy.”

Sergei came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Stuart. “I am not too busy for you. In case I did not make my intentions clear, I am very interested in you. I deeply regret that I failed to get your number before I left the wedding those weeks ago. I also deeply regret that I did not search you out sooner, since now you doubt our connection.”

Sergei felt a shudder go through Stuart then had to strain to hear the whispered, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why would you be interested in me? I am so not in your league.”

“Do you not feel our connection too?”

“Yeah, but…”

Sergei tightened his arms around Stuart. “The connection is what is important. The people involved are who are important. I don’t even know this ‘league’ you speak about.”

Stuart turned his head to look at Sergei, staring into his eyes and obviously trying to decide how sincere he was. “That’s easy for you to say. You’re the star player in the league. I’m the kid nobody picks who is sitting on the sideline.”

Sergei grabbed Stuart’s shoulder and turned him around so they were face to face. Leaning in, he pressed some of his weight into Stuart, holding him against the counter. “And yet I see you, and I am picking you.” Sergei watched Stuart furrow his eyebrows and bite his lip. “Say what it is you want to say.”

“How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long will you pick me? One night? Is that what you’re looking for?”

“No. I’m not looking for just one night. As I said, we have a connection. I would really like to see where this connection takes us.”


“Why? Are you dating others?” Sergei growled the question, not liking the idea of anyone else dating Stuart at all.

Stuart barked out a laugh. “Hardly. You’re the one photographed with a different person on your arm every week.”

“I am told you didn’t know who I was at the wedding. Did you google me?” Sergei was charmed by the blush rising up Stuart’s face. “Ah-h.” Sergei relaxed, putting more of his weight against Stuart. “To answer your question, I will only date you and you will only date me, until such time as we decide differently together.” Sergei held up his hand to stop Stuart from speaking. “So that you are aware, I don’t plan on that being any time soon, if ever. I am a man who knows what I want when I see it, and I am rarely wrong in my instincts.


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About Ann:

Ann Marie James is fluent in two languages, English and sarcasm. She believes that you will never learn anything new if you don’t read as much as you can, and/or talk to every stranger you meet. She always looks for the best in people and to treat people the way she wants to be treated. Above all Ann Marie believes in love, whatever form it takes. Relationships are hard, love is the glue that keeps it together.

Connect with Ann:
Twitter: @AuthorAnnMJames
Amazon Author Page:


The Rosavia Royals are HERE! Check out the Release Blitz & Giveaway


Release Blitz & Giveaway:
The Rosavia Royals Series

Welcome to the tiny European country of Rosavia, where roses ramble over alpine slopes and princes fall for the men of their dreams. Every Rosavia Royals book happens simultaneously, so books can be read on their own, or in any order… but keep an eye out for familiar faces around the palace!

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Book 1: Up for Heir
By Stella Starling


A playboy heir needs: a man to marry, right now.

After spending half his life dodging his duty to the crown, the rebel heir to the Rosavian throne has been told in no uncertain terms that it’s time to settle down. Crown Prince Leopold has one month and a vetted list of suitable princesses, and he will announce his engagement during Rosavia’s Royal Ball. But Leo’s got his own ideas about what really suits him…

Royal Librarian Edvin Blom is good at not attracting attention. Shy and self-conscious of his stutter, he’s used to being overlooked and more than happy to stay in the background. At least, until the crown prince with a wild reputation shows up at the library’s new opening and decides to flirt with Edvin’s sister…

Edvin isn’t at all what Leo thought he wanted, but turns out to be everything he can’t stay away from. Edvin’s been burned by falling for someone out of his league before, though. And believing that Leo has really fallen for him? While Edvin’s drowning in his own doubts and insecurities, that might prove impossible… unless love gives them both a reason to come up for air.

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Book 2: Reign or Shine

By HJ Welch




A secret prince needs: a lost tourist to save.

Prince Cassander is on vacation from his overdeveloped sense of duty. While hiding out as simply ‘Cas’ in the Rosavian capital, he rescues a gorgeous, distressed American tourist. Matty has no idea that Cas is second in line to the throne. And with only two weeks together to explore the sparks between them, he doesn’t need to ever find out.

New Yorker Matty Doyle is a fish out of water, taking care of his niece and mending his broken heart. When Cas rescues him, the handsome stranger coaxes Matty out of his shell and he throws caution to the wind. Nobody knows him here. Would it hurt to live a little for once?

But a prince can’t stay secret in his own country for long. Cas would give anything to protect Matty from reality, but how can this fantasy together continue when they belong in different worlds?


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Book 3: Throne Together

By Zoe Dawn




A pining prince needs: a second chance at love.

Prince Julius has only ever wanted one man. Raised alongside Prince Dante of Thedes, the two were inseparable until their unspoken mutual attraction ignited into a single passionate encounter. Convinced that it ruined their friendship, Julius retreated to his duties in Rosavia, where he daydreams of another chance to win Dante’s heart.

After four years apart, fate brings Prince Julius back to Thedes. He offers Dante a coveted invitation: return to the Rosavian palace for ten days, and be his plus-one to the Royal Ball of the century. Before long, they realize one night of passion wasn’t enough, and they can’t imagine losing each other again.

As the clock ticks down to the ball, Julius catches wind of Dante’s family meddling, and he must decide if their feelings are real or if they’ve both been played. Were they always meant for each other, or is it all an illusion that will melt away at midnight?

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Book 4: In His Court

By Max Rowan



A spy prince needs: a man who sees through his disguise.

Prince Benedict is not what he seems. His image as a lazy playboy is carefully constructed to hide the truth. Trained since childhood to become Rosavia’s top spy, he spends his life in disguise—and danger—to protect his country. Nobody sees the loneliness in his heart.

Felix Wright is a genius with four degrees, no real-world experience, and a top-secret job… and he’s never even been kissed. A lifetime of being alienated for his most valuable assets has left him reluctant to trust the charming prince who thrusts him into fieldwork for the very first time.

When the Crown Jewels are stolen two weeks before the royal ball, it’s their job to save the country’s reputation. Benedict helps Felix believe in himself, while Felix slowly coaxes the real prince out of hiding. But can they find the jewels and rescue the most priceless treasures of all: each other?

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Goodreads | BookBub

Book 5: Barely Regal
By E. Davies


A bratty boy prince needs: a firm but fair Daddy.

Prince Renford is a royal brat. Nineteen and last in line for the throne, Wren hates his made-up job: Commander of Roses. Good thing his long-time valet has a firm hand—if only Wren could tempt him to break all palace protocol and use it.

Thom Pierce is sixteen years older. Old enough to know he should ignore his prince’s less-than-subtle flirtation. He’s been burned by a higher-ranked boy before. His job and reputation are at stake if the palace catches a scandal unfolding under their noses.

Wren needs the part of Thom that he’s kept locked away for years. If the young prince wants to be taken as seriously as his older brothers, he has to grow up fast. Thom’s rules could help Wren become the man Thom knows he can be in time for the Royal Ball… or they could attract the very attention that forces them apart forever.

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Rosavia Royals Out Now!

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About the Authors:

Rosavia w taglines

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HJ Welch/Helen Juliet Links:
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